Qurbaan Hua 23 December 2020 Written Update – Chahat left Neel and went off forever

At the beginning of the episode, Meera tore Neel and Chahat photos from the center, and suddenly Neel came inside the room and started scolding Meera for giving the wrong number to Chahat. Meera started saying that this is because of your fake marriage, and I can not share you with anyone. Neel told her to stop crying, and Meera hugged Neel tightly. Chahat sewing this recalled all her past how Neel uses to hug him and save her every time.

That dancer came to take her payment from Meera, but Meera scolded her because she had advised her to keep Chahat with them for the whole night. That dancer said his husband is a mad person, and he loves her too much, so no one can do any with her. Meera gave her money and told her not to get noticed around this house anymore. That dancer opened the envelope and saw there were blank papers, Meera was surprised to see those blank papers suddenly Chahat came with the money and gave her to that dancer and told her to escape from here as soon as possible. Chahat slapped Meera and asked why she tried to disrespect a woman instead of being a girl.

Meera said, I hate you because you snatched my Neel from me, and I know very well you both have feelings for each other, and this marriage is fake but not your emotions. Chahat said, I can understand your sentiments, so as soon as my father would be proved innocent, I will go far from Neel. Meera said I cam not wait for so long as we wanted to shift to Canada as soon as possible.

Chahat gets surprised and thought if you both will leave this place, then who will take care of Vyas Ji and who will take the responsibility for this house. Meera told Vyas Ji is not a perfect father as he never cared for Neel properly, so now he will stay alone. Chahat my idea was right you are not capable of being a member of this family. Suddenly Vyas Ji came there, and Chahat asked him that why he is awake for so long. Vyas Ji told her that he is taking Care of Akhandjot.

Chahat said Vyas Ji to rest as she will look after that. Then Chahat took Meera and gave this responsibility to check her capability of being a member of this house. Meera also accepted her challenge and told her to disappear from this house as Neel will be confused seeing you in this house. Meera told her to leave this house for Neel’s happiness. Chahat came to her room and started crying silently. Chahat took her stuff while recalling her past moments. Chahat kissed Neel’s hand and left from there and went to everyone and saw them for the last time.

Chahat came out of the housing and turned around to have a last look at the house, and then she escaped from there. Meera was too happy to see her leaving from there. After leaving Chahat realized that she is not having any picture of Neel, which she can admire, and spent her whole life. Chahat came back home and saw Akhandjot was about the wearer, and Meera was also missing from there. Chahat immediately closed all the windows, and suddenly carpet caught fire Chahat was trying to the wearer that fire Neel came and helped her. Neel was a little surprised to See Chahat in her religious costume, but Chahat made an excuse and distracted him.

Neel noticed burnt marks on Chahat fingers and brought cream for her, and started applying on them. Chahat got emotional by seeing this gesture of Neel. Chahat told Neel to give her a promise that he will take care of Akhandjot the whole night, Neel accepted bit took one promise from her that she will stay with him the whole night. Chahat thought in her mind that how she will stay without Neel as our religion will not allow to us stay together.

Episode end

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