Barrister babu 23 December 2020 written update – Rebirth of Anirudh mother

The episode starts with Bondita ask Anirudh that why her mother uses to call him Gopal. Anirudh acknowledges the fact, that why her mother used to call her Gopal. Bondita gets excited and starts shouting Gopal repeatedly. Trilochan heard this and said, her not to take her husband’s name like this. Trilochan told them to be prepared for tomorrow Puja. Trilochan told them that he is feeling like something will happen bad tomorrow.

Anirudh and Bondita arrived at the temple and forgot to wash his legs, but he saw Bondita doing that, and he did that too. Bondita was putting Sindoor on her forehead, and Anirudh was also copying her. Bondita laughed and said it needs common sense in cheating also and told her to bring a few stuff for her. Bihari was taking out all the Frames but Bondita was eager to see the image of Anirudh’s mother but it was missing from there. Bondita told Bihari to go and find that as soon as possible. Bondita noticed a white big paper on ye floor and thought it might the picture of Anirudh’s mother and moved towards it. As soon as Bondita pics the photograph she noticed a girl who was standing in front of her and she was looking like Anirudh’s mother.

Bondita went to Anirudh and asked him to see that girl, but she was not standing there anymore. While Bondita was sitting in the Puja Bondita was searching for that girl which was looking like her mother-in-law. The priest told bondita to do some work, but she was not attentive. Trilochan shouted and said, Bondita to pay attention to what the priest is telling. Binoy stood up and was about to go but Trilochan stooped him and said, him to sit back as he can not go in between. Suddenly that girl came and said Binoo can not sit with his folded legs for a long time and gave him a small chair. Binoy asked that girl about her introduction. That girl replied Shubra Roy Chowdhary.

Everyone got shocked and stood up. Trilochan told her to stop her prank as he not like this type of joke. Trilochan started asking about her parents, but she told them, you are all my family. Anirudh came forward and told her that this type of joke is not suitable for kids. That girl said I am your mother, and I have to take rebirth. Everyone was shocked to hear her. Anirudh asked her who has sent her. Trilochan said every one to leave from here as we have completed all puja proceedings. As they were leaving that girl started singing a song, which Anirudh heard and turned back and saw her surprisingly.

Episode end

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