Kumkum bhagya 8 December 2020 Written Update : Abhi meets Prachi

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya cries after recalling Ailya’s words. She then listens to Abhi’s second voice message in which he says that he will meet her later. Pragya thinks maybe Abhi wants to discuss this wedding thing with her so she gets ready to meet him. Sarita prays for the duo. Dadi tells everyone that Abhi will never get happiness after this marriage. And none can get it. Riya tells, she will get happy with this marriage. Dadi says she is a child and didn’t understand anything.

She asks Raj to explain things to them. But Raj too is with Aliya. Dadi tells she is unable to accept this marriage. Aliya says fine then leave the house if you can’t accept it. Dadi feels sad and cries.

There Prachi tells Ranbir that Abhi is her father while Riya is her sister but they can’t leave together due to the drama of Riya. Ranbir gets shocked. Prachi asks if his mother wants to tell her something but can’t. She adds that he looks so upset. Ranbir thinks of his mother’s demand and thinks he can’t leave with Prachi. He cries. Prachi weeps his tears and tells don’t worry Pallavi will get well soon. She then leaves from there. Later Abhi’s car hit Prachi accidentally.

Abhi worries for her. He goes to her and checks her wound. She says Abhi always cares for her even he didn’t know that they father and daughter. Abhi says because he always feels for her. Prachi asks him to make Riya understand the things so that they can live as a family.

Abhi asks her to leave this topic. Prachi asks why? Abhi tells her to understand Riya as well. He adds that Riya is a good person so don’t mind her. Prachi tells him but Riya insulted me and Pragya. Abhi says leave these things to me, I will set everything. You just take care of your mother.

He then leaves to meet Pallavi. Later he meets Vikram and then Pallavi. He becomes emotional seeing her. Later Abhi tells them that he needs to meet Pragya. He adds Pragya is my wife and Prachi is my daughter. Everyone stands still.

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