Qurbaan Hua 8 December 2020 Written Update : Chahat saved Neel

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat said she would not go from here, leaving you alone. Neel insisted she go from here, but Chahat started back counting. Neel took Kripa in his hand and saw her emotionally. Neel stood still hugging Chahat and was a little scared. Chahat pushed Neel down from the Peddle, and she alone stood there. Neel shouted at her for doing this. Chahat said this all situation is because of her, so she will have to suffer. Neel said anywho he would save Chahat, and he was ready to sacrifice his life for her. Chahat saw the trolley and suggested Neel Bring few weights. Neel handed over Krips to Chahat and started arranging things according to Chahat advice.

Chahat placed Kripa into the trolley and pushed it far from her, and shouted Neel to Save her. Neel went and kept Kripa outside and against came inside Chahat was requesting him not to come, but Neel said he would not let you fie alone. Suddenly an explosion took place, and Neel collapsed and fell. Neel again stood up and started searching for Chahat in the room. Neel noticed Chahat got stuck, and Neel was trying to pull her out, suddenly she noticed a pillar was about to fall on her Neel rushed towards it and balanced it.

Neel started telling Chahat to move to a safe place. Suddenly Chahat noticed her phone, and in which She saw the CCTV footage was playing, and she was able to see Dr. Baigh was operating the machines. There Neel confessed that he loves her and he cannot live without her, but Chahat was concentrating on that video. Chahat asked Neel to see her phone. Neel saw the video and started blaming him for everything. Suddenly Dr. Baigh pointed the gun towards Neel and said, him to leave Chahat, and Dr. Baigh shot the bullet, and Chahat nigh mare broke.

Vyas Ji calmed Chahat and said he got to know that how you saved Krips by risking her life. Chahat said she is the reason for everything and was about to confess, but Neel incurred and said I have to take Chahat to the doctor. Godhmbari said to Alekh that she heard Vyas Ji was talking to Police and advised them to catch the kidnappers. Alekh said no one can catch me, then he called the police and talked with him being a terrorist and confessed about the explosion which took place in the factory.

Chahat was crying, but Neel said, her to stop crying. Chahat said she wants to confess something, but Neel said the first study as she is having her practical. Chahat was not in a mood to do anything, but Neel picked her and said, now my dream is also to make you a neurologist. Chahat thought in her mind how she would tell him that his father tried to kill him.

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