Choti Sarrdaarni 7 December 2020 Written Update – Manav got exposed

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab and Harleen went to the hospital, to tell the truth to Aditi. Aditi comes there and says he tricked her. He gets tangled hearing her and asks what happened to her and asked her to talk comfortably. She questions what else they have to talk about. When Harleen decided to talk to her, Aditi forces her hand and tells her to not touch her. She accuses them, saying they stole her joy, and struggles to breathe. They get bothered about her. She asks them why they buried this much important fact from her. They recognize that Aditi knew the fact previously.

Patak chuckles and remembers how he sent Karan’s DNA report to Aditi and tells Sarab can’t even guess what he can do with him and intends to break his house. Aditi states she doesn’t know her family is her opponent that they won’t let her breathe calmly, and says till now they performed in front of her as they cared about her, but that’s not correct. She says they won’t breathe happily after ruining her peace.

Meher says she can’t discern Sarab in this situation and chooses to do something. Aditi was not able to focus on surgery and visualizes Meher and Sarab. She remembers how Vikram wanted to separate her and took a stand for Manav and seems weak. One of the Nurse comes out of the operation theatre and said to someone that she completed her task and smiles. Harleen calls Robbie and asked about his location.

Robbie prevails to her telling her he is in Kolkata for an urgent conference. She tells Sarab about what Robbie said to her and says something is unfamiliar. He tells her that Robbie prevailing her. She shows her frustration and says Robbie can not change anymore. She gets annoyed seeing Meher in the hospital and asks why she came here when Aditi is annoyed with them. They get to know that Aditi got delayed because of the confusion she made during surgery. Aditi drives her car fastly and doesn’t pick Vikram’s call. She recalls how she got suspended and reaches Sarab’s house and calls Meher. She puts the knife on Meher’s nape and commands others to not proceed near her.

Episode ends.

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