Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 25 June 2021 Written Update -Rishi mistreats Shubhra

At the beginning of the episode, Narayan comes to meet Harsh. He wants to know why Harsh and Shubhra are not talking to each other. They can understand Rishi’s resentment but why they are getting away from each other. Harsh says that Shubhra is feeling guilty which is why she doesn’t want to talk to him. And we should support Shubhra.

Roli comes to Rishi and says to him that because of him their mother is so upset. She is writing sorry for him which is wrong. He should feel sorry for his actions and apologises to their mother. Rishi refuses to do so. Roli says that he doesn’t wanna hear them that is why Shubhra called the doctor for him. He is really a mad boy. He gets angry over this word.

He shouts and says that he is not crazy. He goes away from there. Later Shubhra gives those pages to Rishi in which she wrote sorry 100 times. Madhura asks him to hug his mother. He says that her first punishment is over but now she should run in the ground. Shubhra is ready to do that. Madhura and others ask Rishi not to do so as his mother will get tired.

Rishi recalls Firki’s words. He gets angry and starts throwing stones saying that he is not a mad boy. He asks Shubhra to run. He goes into the room and locks himself. Narayan asks him to open the door. He doesn’t hear him. He thinks to call Harsh as only he can help him. On the other hand, Shubhra starts running. Chandrani follows her. Shubhra asks her to sit down but she refuses.

Chandrani gets tired then Madhura starts running towards Shubhra. Narayan asks the hotel manager if he has seen Harsh. He tells him the location of Harsh. Narayan goes to meet him. Chandrani and others ask her to stop. Roli calls Kuldeep and asks him to stop Shubhra. Kuldeep does the same. He asks her to stop and make Rishi understand that she did nothing wrong.

Harsh on the other hand asserts to Narayan that he can’t do anything for Shubhra and Rishi. As if he interferes then things will become messier. In the room, Rishi is kept saying that he is completely fine. He is not a mad boy. Kuldeep calls Rishi and asks him to stop his mother. Rishi says nothing upon this.