Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29 June 2021 Written Update -Samaira wants to transfer her property in Kuldeep name

At the beginning of the episode, Chandrani sees that Harsh has come with Roli and Rishi. Chandrani mumbles that children like Harsh very much. Harsh asks Rishi why Shubhra is wearing a saree, will she not attend the pool party. Rishi makes him understand that his mother only likes to sit with her feet in the water. Then he goes to the pool. Shubhra asks them to play volleyball. Narayan is happy to see that Shubhra is talking to Harsh.

They are playing a game. Kuldeep calls Shubhra. He asks Shubhra if she and Rishi are fine. She mumbles yes and notifies him that they are having a pool party. Kuldeep wants to know is there anyone with the kids. In response, she says that Harsh is with the children. Kuldeep gets sad hearing this. Samaira comes there and asks Kuldeep where are they going for lunch today. Kuldeep doesn’t say anything.

Narayan tells Chandrani that she has come dressed as if she will not come out of the pool but she is with them only. Chandrani says that if he goes to the pool, she will come to rescue him. Madhura starts laughing. They both make fun of him. Just then Shubhra falls in the pool. Madhura is about to go to her. Chandrani says that Harsh will save her. Harsh goes to Shubhra and saves her from drowning.

Chandrani explains that they both look good together. Madhura and Narayan are shocked to hear her talk. Chandrani announces that Shubhra will be happy with Harsh so she is happy that Shubhra is doing this. She also gives Madhura the letter that Harsha wrote. She adds that now together they will know about what is going on in Shubhra’s mind. Further Harsh comes to Shubhra. Shubhra tells him that he is feeling happy today. She asks the reason behind it.

Harsh notifies her that he has fallen in love so he is happy. Shubhra asks her name but he doesn’t tell her. But he tells Shubhra that the one he loves is very beautiful and simple too. Shubhra asks him if he can tell her who the girl is. Harsh is about to tell her but then a man comes there and takes Harsh from there. There Samaira comes to Kuldeep in the guise of a bride.

Kuldeep is shocked to see her action. He asks her what is she doing. Samira adds that she wants to transfer her property in his name. Harsh is shocked. She signs the papers and says that from today her property belongs to Kuldeep. But later she tears those papers.