Maitrik Thakkar is a part of Actors Cricket Bash season 3: I’m emotionally attached to cricket… dreamt of playing for the country

Maitrik Thakkar has joined Team Delhi Titans in the third year of Actors Cricket Bash, founded by Dilip Agrawal. This T10 format series that bears the tagline #ReelActorsRealCricket, will be held between March 19 and March 22, in Air India Ground, Mumbai.  The actor who is a diehard cricket fan sounds emotional being able to play the game with his colleagues.

“I have been emotionally attached to cricket from my childhood as playing for our country has always been my dream. Actors Cricket Bash (ACB) is like an opportunity to showcase real talent with real players and this time I am representing Delhi Titans. Looking forward to playing a competitive tournament with fellow mates,” he says.

Maitrik shares that the competition this year will be more challenging and competitive. “This time there is a new Team Bhojpuri Dabang and they have players with immense talent. One needs to be fit as it would be a real test to see how strong we all are mentally and physically. Cricket is that religion which gets fans together like no other. We are talking about a country like India which embraces multiple religions as a part of its secular constitution. Men in Blue are absolutely adored by the crazy cricket fans and their fame outshines the popularity of any other celebrity,” he adds.

The actor has started preparing with more focus on the basics of cricket. He has also been playing matches on the weekends.

“Adam Gilchrist is my favourite. He is an opening left-handed batsman and wicketkeeper, so, following his footsteps more in order to get better in my game. Competitive level in cricket is lots of fun. I am pretty sure that Dilip sir will provide for his players as always,” he says.

Calling Dilip’s as the one man army, Maitrik praises his effort. “Dilip sir, for me, will be my mentor who has always motivated me to be a better version of mine in cricket. I still remember his words when he used to say Maitrik tu khul keh khelega na toh tera game alag level jayega dekhna. I keep that in mind in every game,” he adds.

The actor is also excited to watch the new season of Indian Premier League. “Yes IPL is going to start soon and my favourite team is Chennai Super Kings as it has a  good team combination of maturity, consistency and temperament, which helps them to win every crucial game. So, I’m looking forward to a very exciting season this year,” he ends.