Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17 November 2021 written update – Raghav is Innocent

At the beginning of the episode Sulochana telling to herself thar she will expose Milind in front of everyone today. She will catch that woman red handed at any cost. She sees her duplicate and gets unconscious.

Sharda and Milind come there and Milind says how did she come back here all of sudden and why ? Sulochana says to Sharda that other woman face was exactly like her. Milind says we need to call Doctor and soon she will be fine.

Pallavi says to Amruta that Raghav is innocent. He didn’t betrayed her. He just hide the fact and they can fix everything. She tells to Sharda that she still can save her family. It was Isha’s plan. She has to be punished for her deeds. She will end Raghav guilt.

She says to Sharda that they have to call Raghav and his family for dinner. Sharda calls Jaya and invites her. Jaya tells Raghav and Kirti that Pallavi has invited for dinner at Deshmukh house. Raghav says that it has been a long time since he had dinner with Pallavi.

At Deshmukh house Milind says Rajni to come out. He took Sulochana to her room and put her to sleep. Rajni says this matter is getting complicated. They must have tell fact to everyone and end this game. Milind says that he feels even Sulochana has realised her mistake.

Sumit tells Isha that he killed that waiter and hide his body in the store room. Now Pallavi doesn’t have any witness to proof her point Isha says that her real problem is Pallavi. Isha says that at any cost she wants Raghav.

At Deshmukh house Amruta offers water to Jaya but she refuses. Sharda asks that she is not having even water. Jaya says that whose children are in middle of storm ,how that person can eat or drink. Raghav has been accused for Rape and Pallavi has left her house and living here.

Kirti asks Pallavi that all want to know that why she called everyone here.Sunny murmured that he is desperate to find out . Pallavi says we have to wait for Raghav. She says that she will go to home and bring Raghav and then she will tell the truth.

She meets Isha at Raghav house. Isha says that it’s not easy to defeat her. She won’t let Raghav go away from her. She hits Pallavi with a rod and makes her unconscious. She tied and locked her in a room. 

Raghav gets furious after seeing Isha in his house and shouts on her. He says her to get out from his house. Isha says that he considers her his biggest enemy. But the truth is that she loves him the most. She says that Pallavi is ready to do anything to get rid of you. She will withdraw her case if he chooses to her. Pallavi calls for help.

Jaya and Sharada are scared as Raghav and Pallavi not picking up their call. They both have still not come. Sunny receives the Sumit call .

Pallavi calls for help. Raghav asks her how she came here. Pallavi tells that Isha locked her here. She trapped him in her plan. Nothing had happened between both of them that night. She met with that waiter who was involved in Isha plan.

Upcoming story : Raghav requests Pallavi to put the gun down. Pallavi says that she will finish Isha who finished her life.