Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27 November 2021 written update – Raghav and Pallavi get married.

In the beginning of the episode, Raghav and Pallavi go to their room. Pallavi stops Raghav and says he said so many nice things about her in front of everyone and she wants to do the same. She says she got shy that’s why she didn’t say anything in front of the family but she wants to tell him that he makes her strong. She tells him after her marriage with Mandaar she got very lonely, he came into her life and challenged her and showed her what love means. Pallavi says to him that he completes her. Pallavi gives Raghav a kiss on his cheeks and he returns the kiss to her. They both hug and Raghav says to her that everyone would be waiting for them at the dining table.

Kirti comes to her room and sees Sunny packing the luggage. Kirti asks him why he is packing. Sunny gives her a piece of paper and says he can’t afford to buy a house right now but he has rented a house for her. Sunny says to her that he’ll buy a house soon for her. Kirti says he’ll not alone build their house, she’ll help him. Sunny hugs Kirti, she says to him that he’s going to be the best father to their kid and Sunny says she’ll be the best mother to their kid.

Jaya stops Kirti and Sunny and asks them to stay back. Pallavi and Raghav come there and Jaya tells Raghav that Kirti and Sunny are leaving the house. Raghav says to Kirti that the house is also her’s and he doesn’t believe in the concept of a daughter leaving the house after marriage. He says to Kirti that his house is as much as her’s as it’s his. Kirti and Sunny stay back. Jaya says to Pallavi that she is very happy and wants to celebrate with the family so she should invite the Deshmukh’s.

Pallavi and Raghav in their room, he gives her a form and tells her that she told him that she is interested in fashion designing so he got the form and she should apply. Raghav and Pallavi spend some romantic moments and Raghav tells Pallavi that he’ll help her in making dinner. Raghav and Pallavi go to the kitchen, Raghav while taking out the flour spills it over himself and Pallavi asks him to change while she cooks for the family.

Jaya asks Sunny to put on some music. The Deshmukh family also arrives. Mansi asks where Raghav and Pallavi are. Raghav and Pallavi come down the stairs dressed as bride and groom. Raghav proposes to Pallavi to get married to him again as last time their marriage was an agreement but today he wants to do it for love. Raghav and Pallavi get married again in front of their families. Raghav and Pallavi click a family picture with the family.