Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25 November 2021 written update – Esha confesses her crimes

In the beginning of the episode, Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi talk and calls Esha to come outside Raghav’s house as he has found some truth. Raghav and Pallavi hear that and wonder what it’s about. Sunny tries to stop Esha from leaving but she says to him that Sumit wouldn’t come all the way here if it wasn’t important. She says to Sunny that they will begin the planchet once she returns. Raghav and Pallavi hide when Esha comes out of her room. Pallavi asks Raghav what they’ll do now, Raghav says to her that he has an idea and asks her to wait until he returns. Sunny comes outside the room and sees Pallavi and gets scared. Sunny tells her that Esha has gone to meet Sumit. Pallavi tells him to go behind Raghav and bring back Esha.

Esha reaches outside and looks for Sumit, Raghav holds behind Sumit. Sunny arrives and says to Esha that Sumit if wanted to be here he would have come out. Sunny tells her that they are getting late for the planchet ritual. Pallavi comes to Raghav’s office and sees him tying up Sumit to a chair. Pallavi says to Raghav what have they become. Raghav says they are doing this to bring out the truth and she shouldn’t doubt things

Sunny starts the ritual and asks Esha to close her eyes. Pallavi appears and Sunny announces it to Esha. Pallavi accuses Esha of stealing her husband from her. Esha tells the whole truth about the night in Warangal that she was the one who pretended that Raghav slept with her, while she called the waiter to change his clothes. Raghav records the confession. Pallavi leaves the room when Esha closes her eyes.

In Raghav’s room, Pallavi and he watch Esha’s confession. Pallavi says to him that she wishes this time nothing goes wrong or against their plan. Raghav says he won’t let anything happen otherwise this time as she has suffered a lot because of him. Pallavi says then she can come back to her house and back with her husband. Raghav hugs Pallavi. Meanwhile, Sunny goes to his room and apologizes to Kirti, and says to her that he got greedy. Sunny says he won’t repeat his mistakes as for him she and her child is important. Kirti forgives him and hugs him. She tells him that he has to cook pasta for him and hugs her every time. Sunny agrees and hugs her tightly.

Upcoming- Raghav calls the police and tells them to arrest Esha as she is the one who made a false report of him raping her and cheating them. The police take Esha away. Raghav and Pallavi get married again.