Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26 November 2021 written update – Police arrests Esha

In the beginning of the episode, Sumit tries to escape from Raghav’s office but finds the door locked. Elsewhere, Jaya asks Raghav and Pallavi if they got Esha’s confession. Pallavi says they got what they wanted and Raghav says he has already informed the police. Pallavi tells Jaya that one person helped them a lot in getting out the truth from Esha. Jaya asks her who it was, Pallavi tells her that it was Sunny’s idea and he helped them. Jaya says that it’s nice if he has decided to be better as she always was worried about Kirti’s future. Raghav says Sunny realized his mistakes after he saw Kirti and his kid getting away from him. Jaya says she’s happy now both her kids will have a happy family.

Sulochna at Deshmukh house apologies to Milind and her daughters. She says to them that she has been at fault for so many things yet Milind never left her and her daughters always loved her. She says she is not good for them and she’ll leave the house. Milind stops her and says he loves her and wants his family to be together, Amruta and Mansi also say to her that they want their mother. They hug each other and reunite.

Next morning, Sumit waits for Esha outside the house and when she comes out of the house, tells her that everyone in Rao mansion is playing with her. Inside the house, Jaya thanks Sunny for helping Raghav and Pallavi. Sunny says he’s repaying all the bad he has done. Esha enters the house and says Pallavi is alive. Esha says to Raghav that he told such a big lie to her and says to Sunny that he called her sister and cheated her. Sunny says to her to mend her ways. Esha says to him shut up as he cheated her. Pallavi says to her what she did was cheating and playing. Pallavi says to Esha that she says that she loves Raghav and then she accused him for rape and broke him. Raghav calls the police and tells them to arrest Esha as she is the one who made a false report of him raping her and cheated them. The police take Esha away.

Raghav hugs Pallavi. He says to her that Esha whenever walked in his life gave him a lot of pain. He says he has hated himself since childhood for being the reason his father and brother died, he says to Pallavi but she accepted him and loved him and made him a better man. He thanks her for being in his life. Pallavi hugs him, Jaya says she prays that their love only grows and asks them to go and freshen up for lunch.

Upcoming- Raghav and Pallavi come down the stairs dressed as bride and groom. Raghav and Pallavi get married again in front of their families.