Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18 November 2021 written update – Pallavi picks the gun.

In the beginning of the episode, Esha tells Pallavi that Raghav has chosen her and will get married to her. Raghav says to Pallavi that it was a practical decision that he made to marry Esha to put away the case as his career and life is on the line. Pallavi says to Raghav that he is a shame as he chose Esha and he is exactly like her. Pallavi says today she is here and facing all of this because of Esha. Pallavi picks the gun and points at Esha. Raghav says to her to put it down as she will kill him. Esha gets afraid and says to Pallavi to put the gun down. Raghav holds Pallavi and the gun falls down. Esha picks the gun, Raghav says to her that now why she is behaving like a lunatic and pointing the gun. Esha says to Raghav that Pallavi has troubled her a lot and she can’t afford her existence anymore and fires the shot.

Sunny at Deshmukh house receives a text from Sumit saying to hold Jaya and Kirti there for longer. Sunny thinks to himself that if Sumit is asking him to stop Jaya and Kirti from reaching home then there is something serious going on. He says to himself that he feels Esha is planning something big. Kirti says to him that they should go as the driver is also ready. Sunny says they should wait longer as it might be that Raghav and Pallavi are reaching here. Milind says they should wait longer and at least have dinner until then.

Raghav holds on to Pallavi and says that he needs to take Pallavi to the hospital. Esha says Pallavi is already dead and if they take her to the hospital then they will land in jail for her murder. Raghav says she will land in jail as she killed her, Esha says that she won’t go to jail alone as Raghav will also be held responsible. Esha says to Raghav that they need to throw away Pallavi’s body and clean the house as they want to spend life together and be happy.

Outside the house Raghav asks Esha to keep a watch around so that nobody sees them while he gets Pallavi’s body. Raghav brings the body and throws it in the water. Raghav says he never wanted this to happen to Pallavi. Esha says now they have to get past it and when he reaches home and anybody asks about Pallavi he should say he hasn’t met her. She then says to Raghav tomorrow she’ll come to his house and tell everyone that she is taking back the case and he’ll forgive her and take her in the house. Esha says to Raghav to clean the CCTV footage of today and says that she’ll do something to impress his family.

Upcoming- Raghav asks Esha to make halwa for Jaya as she would like that. At the dining table when Esha picks the serving bowl she sees sand in it instead of halwa and says that she made halwa. Jaya says then the ghost did it if she didn’t put sand in the bowl. Esha gets scared.