Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19 November 2021 written update – Esha’s truth is exposed.

In the beginning of the episode, Raghav returns home where Jaya, Kirti, and Sunny await for him. Jaya asks him where Pallavi is, he says he hasn’t met her. Jaya shows him Pallavi earrings and asks them how did this reach here, Raghav says he’s not aware. Raghav goes to his room and tells Pallavi that she can come out now. Pallavi comes out and they hug each other. Raghav says to Pallavi that today she proved that she can make better plans than him. Pallavi says they were fortunate that they got the chance to meet each other before Esha’s arrival. Pallavi and Raghav have a flashback of her reaching home and telling Raghav that Esha cheated them and nothing happened between them in Warangal. They come back to the present and Pallavi says to him that now they just need to get a confession out of her.

Kirti in her room says to Sunny that why would Pallavi come there and leave without talking to Raghav. Sunny says this is how Pallavi is, he says something has happened between Raghav and Pallavi and he is lying. Kirti says she thinks it’s Esha behind it, Sunny says he has spoken to Esha and she was scared herself.

Esha reaches home and thinks about what she did and is a little scared. Sumit comes and asks Esha did her plan succeed, she sits on the couch and says Pallavi is dead and tells Sumit the whole story. Esha then says that she is happy as Raghav has accepted her and her dream of becoming his wife is coming true. Sumit says to Esha to remember giving him the property, she says he’ll be rewarded. Pallavi reaches Deshmukh’s house and says sorry to everyone and says she has troubled everyone and she will solve it and tell them the truth soon.

The next day, Esha arrives at Rao’s mansion. Jaya and Kirti get angry at Esha and say she is behind her disappearance. Raghav stops them and says Esha isn’t behind all of this. Esha apologizes to them and says she is taking back the case. Raghav tells Esha to shift in the guest room and tells everyone that she is in love with her.

Esha gets scared by a doll. Raghav asks Esha to make halwa for Jaya as she would like that. At the dining table when Esha picks the serving bowl she sees sand in it instead of halwa and says that she made halwa. Jaya says then the ghost did it if she didn’t put sand in the bowl. Esha gets scared.

Upcoming- Jaya pretends to be Pallavi and Pallavi comes there as a ghost to scare Esha. Esha screams as she gets very scared.