Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20 November 2021 written update – Esha gets terrified.

In the beginning of the episode, Esha gets scared by a doll. Raghav asks Esha to make halwa for Jaya as she would like that. Raghav tells Pallavi in his room that he has secretly told Jaya and Kirti about their plan and they are on board with them. At the dining table when Esha picks the serving bowl she sees sand in it instead of halwa and says that she made halwa. Jaya says then the ghost did it if she didn’t put sand in the bowl. Esha gets scared. Raghav says to Jaya to not scare Esha as some servant would have done it. Raghav says Esha will make the halwa again, Jaya says she is not interested to eat now. Everyone leaves, Sunny thinks to himself that something is happening and he needs to talk to Esha.

Esha goes to her room and gets scared. Sunny asks her what’s happening, Esha says that she made halwa to impress Jaya and she doesn’t know how it turned into sand. Sunny asks Esha other than her who knew about her cooking halwa. Esha tells him that Raghav knew as he was the one who suggested she cooks halwa. Sunny says then Raghav is behind this, Esha says to Sunny that isn’t possible as Raghav is on her side and he asked her to come back to the house. Esha says it’s possible that Jaya and Kirti did it to throw her out of the house. Sunny says if they wanted her out they would have done it directly. Sunny says then it could be Pallavi who did it as Raghav would have told her. Esha gets scared and mumbles that it cannot be Pallavi and leaves the room. Sunny says to himself that he is sure that Esha is hiding something from him.

Esha in the hall sees Jaya and thinks to smooth things over with her. Esha taps on her shoulder and says to Jaya that she can get her a cup of tea. Jaya looks towards her and says did she think that she’ll so easily get away with murder as she knows that she shot her and threw in the water. Raghav comes there and Esha says to him that Jaya is behaving weird. Raghav asks Jaya who says she just returned from the temple now. Raghav says to Esha that why she’s behaving so weird has she seen a ghost.

Upcoming- Pallavi half covered in sand appears in front of Esha. She runs to Raghav and says to him that the house is haunted and she can’t stay here. While She is leaving, Raghav screams her name and says she can’t get away so easily, he then says to her what did she think he is her old Raghu. Esha gets scared by Raghav’s tone.