Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22 November 2021 written update – Pallavi and Raghav scare her

In the beginning of the episode, Esha goes to her room and stands in front of the mirror and says it can’t be possible as Pallavi is dead. Pallavi appears in the mirror in front of her and Esha gets scared. Raghav enters the room and Esha says to him that she saw Pallavi. He says to her what she is saying, how is that possible as she killed her. Raghav says to Esha that she’s hallucinating as she killed someone and it is a big thing. Raghav says to Esha that she wanted to come to his house to be with him and impress his family and she’s not focusing on it. Esha lays her head on Raghav’s shoulder and says he’s right and now she won’t let things get to her. Raghav says to himself that no matter how much you try Esha we will get you.

Sunny while going inside his room sees Kirti inside and thinks to himself no matter what happens he needs to find out the truth from Kirti. He says to Kirti that she was with Jaya and Raghav is having a serious conversation. Kirti says they were discussing news. Kirti then says to Sunny that as much he is interested in others issues he should also be concerned about his. Kirti tells him to go to work and get tattoos before he loses his clients.

Raghav comes to his office and locks it behind him. Pallavi comes out of hiding. Raghav tells Pallavi that Esha is totally scared by their drama. Pallavi says she wishes Esha to confess fast. He romantically asks her that she is so desperate to come back to him. Pallavi says she misses her husband. Raghav moves towards her and they have a cute moment but Pallavi’s phone rings and she tells Raghav it’s Amruta and she needs to reach home. While Pallavi leaves home from the back door, Sunny sees her and wonders why she is leaving from behind.

Esha in her bedroom says to herself that she honestly saw Pallavi and starts checking the whole room and Raghav sees her from outside and says to himself Esha is where exactly they want her and they will make her crazy. Kirti in the morning brings Esha tea and wakes her up. While Esha drinks tea, Kirti pretends Pallavi’s ghost has possessed her and says to her that she will kill. Esha gets petrified.

Upcoming- Esha says to Sunny that Pallavi isn’t leaving her even after dying. Sunny says he saw her going out of the house. Sunny says to Kirti and Jaya that he thought something was fishy and sent Esha to Deshmukh house to check on Pallavi and now he’ll call her and tell her about their plan. Raghav hears him say this from behind and is shocked.