Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23 November 2021 written update – Sunny finds out the truth.

In the beginning of the episode, While Esha packs her luggage to leave the house and says to her that definitely the house is haunted and no matter what Raghav says she’ll leave. The door of her room closes and when she opens the closet upon hearing sounds she sees Pallavi half covered in sand appear in front of Esha. She runs to Raghav and says to him that the house is haunted and she can’t stay here. While She is leaving, Raghav screams her name and says she can’t get away so easily, he then says to her what made her think he is her old Raghu. Esha gets scared by Raghav’s tone. Raghav says to her to stay in the room and not leave because of her he lost his Pallavi and now she wants to walk away.

After Raghav leaves, Esha worries and gets scared when Sunny calls her from behind. Esha tells Sunny that after he informed her that Pallavi is going to Warangal, she put Sumit behind her, and when she found that Pallavi found the truth she killed her. Esha says to Sunny that Pallavi isn’t leaving her even after dying. Sunny says he saw her going out of the house. Esha says that it isn’t possible as she died in front of her. Sunny asks her to go to Deshmukh’s house to find out if Pallavi is there.

Pallavi and Raghav meet outside and Raghav tells her that they have done so much but only got Esha scared. Pallavi says to Raghav that she’s sorry for bringing Esha to the house. Raghav asks her to never feel sorry for doing something she felt right doing at the time. Raghav says to her that they just have to make Esha reach the point that she confesses the truth. Esha in her room thinks about what Sunny told her and Sumit calls her, she takes opinion and he tells her to go and check the Deshmukh house.

Jaya says to Kirti that she wants this drama to end fast and Esha’s truth to come out. Sunny claps and says to Kirti that she lied to her husband to support Raghav. Sunny says to Kirti and Jaya that he thought something was fishy and sent Esha to Deshmukh’s house to check on Pallavi and now he’ll call her and tell her about their plan. Raghav hears him say this from behind and is shocked. Raghav calls Pallavi and informs her that Esha is coming to Deshmukh’s house to check on her.

Upcoming- Sunny says to Esha that he can call ghosts by planchet and then they can find out if Pallavi is dead or not. Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi talk and calls Esha to come outside Raghav’s house as he has found some truth. Raghav and Pallavi hear that and wonder what it’s about.