Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24 November 2021 written update. – Sunny changes sides.

In the beginning of the episode, Raghav calls Pallavi and informs her that Esha is coming to Deshmukh house to check on her. Pallavi tells Amruta about what Raghav told her and she tells her that she has an idea. Esha arrives outside Deshmukh house and sees Amruta talking to the police and filing a complaint against Esha as she doubts that Esha is behind Pallavi’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Raghav asks Sunny what’s going on here. He says to him that he is playing games and has made his wife a liar. Jaya says to Sunny to not argue and understand the situation, Sunny talks back to her and says that she shouldn’t say anything as she has gone blind in her love for her son. Kirti screams at Sunny and says to him that he can’t talk to her mother like that getting married to him was her biggest mistake as he’s lazy and wants to enjoy the luxury of Raghav’s estate. Sunny gets angry and raises hand on Kirti but she stops it, then he pushes her and she falls down and cries out of pain.

The doctor checks Kirti and prescribes medicines and tells them to get an ultrasound done. Raghav takes the paper and says he’ll take care of his sister and keep her away from everything that would hurt her. Jaya says it would have been better if Kirti would have cried for two days and then be okay instead of being with him in her life as she will never be happy. Kirti gains consciousness and Jaya feeds her soup, when she leaves to keep the utensils. Sunny enters the room and apologizes to Kirti and promises her to become a better husband and father. Kirti says it’s too late and she thinks that she should have heard Raghav and Jaya when they asked her not to marry him.

Esha comes to her room and Sunny comes there and asks Kirti what happened at Deshmukh house. She tells him that Pallavi’s ghost is real, Sunny says to Esha that he can call ghosts by planchet and find out what Pallavi wants.

Raghav reaches to meet Pallavi, Pallavi informs him that Esha believes now that she is dead. Raghav tells her that Sunny has promised to help them get Esha’s permission. Pallavi asks if he believes him. Raghav tells her that Sunny truly is apologetic and wants redemption for his past behaviour. Pallavi says if he believes Sunny then she is fine with it. Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi together.

  1. Upcoming- Raghav calls the police and tells them to arrest Esha as she is the one who made a false report of him raping her and cheated them. The police take Esha away. Raghav and Pallavi get married again.