Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali written update 21 November 2021 weekly

Mehndi hai rachene wali is a love story of two people who hated each other. One a gangster and one widow both lonely in their lives. It’s a gripping story with new twist and turns in the journey of them finding love in each other.

In this week’s episode we saw, Outside the house Sumit finds Esha and sits with her, he says she didn’t deserve what happened to her. He says sorry to her and says if she wants they can turn all of this around. Esha asks him what he means, he says he has a plan. Kirti says she wants to believe him but it’s hard for her and leaves. At the police station Esha along with Sumit files a false report stating that Raghav asked her to stay with him in the same room, and when she went in the room Raghav tried to force himself on him. Raghav tells the truth and then Pallavi says that she is lying as she told in front of her family that she loved Raghav so she spent the night with him.

Raghav reaches home and Jaya cares for him and thanks god for returning him to her. Jaya thanks Pallavi for getting him bailed and asks her to eat dinner. Pallavi says she has to go home and while leaving she says to Raghav to not over drink in emotions. When Pallavi reaches home Amruta tells her that Mr. Das after knowing about Esha’s case told her that Esha wasn’t supposed to go to Warangal, he was supposed to and Esha requested him to send her. Pallavi says to Amruta that she needs to collect evidence to prove Raghav innocent.

Sunny sees Pallavi leaving and calls Esha and gives her heads up. Esha asks Sumit to keep track of Pallavi. Pallavi goes to Warangal and finds the truth about Esha that she was the one who asked the hotel manager to bring alcohol and put a tablet in it. He tells her at night she called him to the room again and asked him to remove Raghav’s clothes and put the blanket over him and she made her bed on the sofa. Pallavi says to Amruta that means that night nothing happened between Raghav and Esha and she was just pretending. She asks the manager to come where she asks her to tomorrow and tell them the same thing he told her. Sumit hears the conversation and calls Esha.

Esha tells Pallavi that Raghav has chosen her and will get married to her. Raghav says to Pallavi that it was a practical decision that he made to marry Esha to put away the case as his career and life is on the line. Pallavi says to Raghav that he is a shame as he chose Esha and he is exactly like her. Pallavi says today she is here and facing all of this because of Esha. Pallavi picks the gun and points at Esha. Raghav says to her to put it down as she will kill him. Esha gets afraid and says to Pallavi to put the gun down. Raghav holds Pallavi and the gun falls down. Esha picks the gun, Raghav says to her that now why she is behaving like a lunatic and pointing the gun. Esha says to Raghav that Pallavi has troubled her a lot and she can’t afford her existence anymore and fires the shot. They hide Pallavi’s body.

Raghav returns home where Jaya, Kirti and Sunny await for him. Jaya asks him where Pallavi is, he says he hasn’t met her. Jaya shows him Pallavi earrings and asks them how did this reach here, Raghav says he’s not aware. Raghav goes to his room and tells Pallavi that she can come out now. Pallavi comes out and they hug each other. Raghav says to Pallavi that today she proved that she can make better plans than him. Pallavi says they were fortunate that they got the chance to meet each other before Esha’s arrival.

Esha gets scared by a doll. Raghav asks Esha to make halwa for Jaya as she would like that. Raghav tells Pallavi in his room that he has secretly told Jaya and Kirti about their plan and they are on board with them. At the dining table when Esha picks the serving bowl she sees sand in it instead of halwa and says that she made halwa. Jaya says then the ghost did it if she didn’t put sand in the bowl. Esha gets scared. Esha in the hall sees Jaya and thinks to smooth things over with her. Jaya looks towards her and says did she think that she’ll so easily get away with murder as she knows that she shot her and threw in the water. Raghav comes there and Esha says to him that Jaya is behaving weird.

Will Raghav and Pallavi get the truth out of Esha?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Mehndi hai rachene wali”.

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