Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The present Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 episode begins with the Dahi handi contest, while Natasha prods Dhawal during the opposition.
Everybody encourages Natasha when Amba lashes out at them and requests that they cheer for Dhawal. Pranali considers how Natasha can do such things which young men are intended to do and she is intrigued by her. She says that she has such a lot of involvement with life yet never has the guts to conflict with her family however Natasha does all that she longs for with next to no trepidation. Amresh hears it and makes a strange face while Dhawal tumbles to the ground and everybody gets unnerved.
In the mean time, Suman supports Natasha, and Amba says that young men will win the opposition, making Suman say that her granddaughter is equivalent to 100 young men.

Amba makes a nauseated face after that and a couple of women come to Suman, they insult her for as yet requesting that Natasha partake in the Pandya family even after her marriage.They question Mithu and Shesh’s capacities and furthermore look at Natasha and Cheeku’s childhood.In the wake of hearing this Suman lashes out with them yet, they keep on causing her to feel miserable by saying that Suman has done foul play to Cheeku as he was not her blood.

Suman gets incited and says that she has done unfairness to him and requests that they stay out of other people’s affairs while Cheeku hears all that and feels miserable.She gets profound when Mithu attempts to reassure her while Cheeku goes from that point with his vindictive eyes.Then again, Natasha and Dhawal attempt to reach close the handi while another lady insults Amba for permitting Natasha to do things like this.Amba lashes out and goes from that point while Cheeku recalls all that Suman expressed and says that now he won’t involve Pandya’s family name as he doesn’t have a place with them.She goes to Natasha’s companion and asks her for what valid reason they battled yet her companion wonders whether or not to tell her that she could do without Natasha.

Amba requests help from her while then again, Cheeku tosses petroleum on Pandya’s store and is going to set the store ablaze when Amresh comes and stops him.Amresh asks him what is he doing here, making Cheeku let him know that he is doing what Amresh himself needs to do.He reminds Amresh that he just called him and requested that he break the Store and out of nowhere changed his tones before Natasha.Amresh lets him know that he believes that this store should be broken as really at that time, his fantasy about making the shopping center will find true success while Cheeku asks what will he receive consequently.He guarantees Cheeku that he will make him project boss, making Cheeku collaborate with him.Then again, Natasha arrives at first close to the hand and breaks it while Dhawal likewise breaks after her yet encounters a self-contradicting feeling as he is glad for Natasha yet miserable for himself since he lost the opposition. Natasha begins moving while Dhawal inquires as to whether she is fine or not when Natasha’s companion comes and embraces her, and she tears her shirt from behind and goes from that point.

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