Yeh Hain Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Kashvi comes to the feasting table. Mahima says at last Mohit took in the dance steps, and says I want to believe that he in all actuality does no error. Ricky inquires as to whether it was dance steps and shows how he was moving. Mahima says he dance this way as it were. Entryway ringer rings. Arjun opens the entryway. The Official comes there with Police Examiner and Constable. Nitya says Sir, you have come here, you have requested that I come. The Chief tells her that the objection is enlisted against her for the homicide. Nitya gets stunned and asks whose homicide? The Examiner says kid Golu’s mom had enlisted the body of evidence against you, and she said that you are liable for her child’s demise. Nitya says I’m on the job and on the off chance that something happens to anybody, how might you fault me, I was following the convention and couldn’t endanger the agents lives. She says I was going about my business and was adhering to the guidelines. Official says I concur, however the matter has arrived at more significant position and an enquiry group is set, and the kid’s mom said observer’s name as well, who is with her. Nitya asks what is the observer name? Official says she took Kashvi bajwa’s name. Arjun and Kashvi are stunned. Nitya takes a gander at her furiously. Magistrate says in the event that Kashvi doesn’t give explanation against you and backing you infront of board of trustees then you won’t be rebuffed. He goes.

Nitya undermines Kashvi and says I won’t allow any blockhead to demolish my vocation. Kashvi is stunned. Mahima grins. Nitya inquires as to why you are quiet. Arjun requests that she quiet down. Nitya says no one can demolish my profession. Jagdish requests that Arjun take her to room and says I will converse with Kashvi. He requests that Kashvi determine what happened precisely. Kashvi says that day when representatives and celebrities were coming for the submit. She tells everything and a fb is shown. She requests that he tell where I’m off-base. Jagdish says I realize Nitya has fouled up, yet she was performing her responsibility. He requests that she perform her responsibility as a bahu and says in the event that you take an off-base choice, her profession will be demolished. He says Nitya’s vocation is critical to her, and asks her not to give explanation against Nitya, and says I’m certain that you won’t allow anything wrong to occur with our home and Nitya. He demands her not to give articulation against Nitya. Kashvi is stunned. She comes to Dadi and cries. Dadi says this is her agnipariksha. Kashvi says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do, that kid’s mom has lost her child because of Maa. Dadi tells that Nayan was like you, and tells about an occasion when Nayan assisted a client against Romila and Keval’s with wishing, and they were going to break connection with her. She says you are her little girl and will stroll on the correct way, yet be certain that you are prepared.

The Worker gives tea to everybody at the feasting table. Nitya tastes the tea and yells at him severely. Jagdish requests that she quiet down and come, as they need to leave. Kashvi comes there. Nitya cautions her requesting that she keep her mouth shut there, and says she has made her profession with much hardwork and has given such countless penances. She says I’m cautioning, don’t consider demolishing it for an outsider, and says remember that I am your better half’s mom and your saas and it is your obligation to save me. Romila says Kashvi won’t conflict with you and requests that she have curd and sugar, and says all will be great. Nitya goes from that point.

Infront of the Council, Nitya tells that she was performing her responsibility and says in the event that anything had occurred with our dignatories or celebrity’s of our country, our nation’s regard would have been destroyed. She says I’m feeling terrible that a family has lost their child. She says I’m unfortunately I could do nothing then. She says during war, many officers penance their lives for the country and I did likewise, why fingers are raised on me. The advisory group part gets some information about the case. Nitya figures Kashvi won’t give explanation against me, as Arjun and her connection can break completely. Kashvi says OK, it was Nitya Maam’s mix-up and says in the event that she had permitted auto to go from the immediate way, he would have treatment on time, however she didn’t do this and the treatment was postponed, the specialist couldn’t saved him. She says I feel that Nitya Maam is capable. Nitya asks who is she to fault me, and says she is a student. She says I’m laboring for a long time and I have insight.

Kashvi says I’m not experienced like her, and I’m simply a learner, and tells that the auto can be given up from the way, as the guard was going to come following 2-4 minutes, however she had requested to move the auto from the way and the vulnerable guardians were arguing infront of everybody, except no one aided her. She says that is the reason I took them in my vehicle, and that’s what the Specialist said in the event that they had brought him 15 mins back, she would have halted his draining and could save him. She says that is the reason indeed, Nitya Maam is dependable as she didn’t let them go. Nitya asks what is the assurance that the kid would have been saved whenever taken there 15 mins previously. Kashvi says there is no assurance for anything throughout everyday life, it is in our grasp to attempt. Nitya asks where is written in our convention book, what we will do. Kashvi says in the event that she had shown a few humankind and nurturing love, Golu should be alive and with us. Nitya says now you will guide me and what not to, and says many children should have passed on that time. The board of trustees official asks we haven’t arrived to examine all that, and says a kid is dead a direct result of your off-base choice and your discipline is that, you are briefly suspended. Nitya is stunned and says this is just a little absurd, and says I’m straightforward official and because of this young lady, my profession can’t be destroyed. The panel part says a unique board will be set and they will do the full enquiry and till then you are briefly suspended with impact from now itself. Kashvi and Nitya emerge.

Jagdish asks what was the deal? Nitya asks Kashvi what is your take by giving proclamation against me. She says you aren’t anything, it is my misstep to see you as my girl. Kashvi says I see you as my mom and would have done likewise on the off chance that Maa was on your place. Nitya asks her not to be proud and not to bring down others. Kashvi says it is my qualities given by my mom and requests that she stroll on the correct way and gets out whatever occurred with the family was off-base. Nitya says you need to languish over what you have done. She lifts her hand to slap her, yet Arjun comes and holds her hand. Kashvi cries.

Precap: Nitya tells Arjun that Kashvi has taken out hostility on her and got her suspended. Mohit;s mother requests that Dadi demonstrate that Mahima is a virgin and for that she will finish virginity test. Mahima is stunned. Nitya requests that Arjun get payback from Kashvi and requests that he toss her out from the house. Arjun checks Kashvi out.

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