Teri Meri Dooriyan  23rd September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Sahiba’s educator lets Ajith know that his girl is an exceptionally skilled craftsman and will arrive at new levels soon. Sahiba thanks educator for valuing her endeavors and grins. Rumi believes Sahiba’s eyes shimmer at whatever point she grins and he prefers it. He clicks her pics and envisions romancing her. Educator gets him out of creative mind and requests that he proceed to click Sahiba and her family’s pic to print in a magazine. Rumi clicks their pics. Sahiba sees her colleague blacking out and races to go to her. Occasion coordinator inquires as to whether he could have done without any artistic creation yet. Angad says he tracked down no artwork extraordinary. She requests that he check every one of the compositions, he might track down his ideal canvas. They stroll into understudy’s segment. Seerat thinks Sahiba is tracked down no place.

A workmanship devotee Mr Kalra checks out at Sahiba’s painting and lauds it. Rumi presents himself as occasion’s true picture taker and says whoever sees this painting lauds it. He makes sense of the specialty of this work of art and it’s craftsman. Mr Kalra gets dazzled with his feeling of craftsmanship and business and consents to get it. Angad takes a gander at the work of art next and wants to purchase the composition. Occasion coordinator says they have offered for it. Angad says he needs to meet the craftsman prior to offering for it. Sahiba’s educator inquires as to whether he doesn’t have any idea who the craftsman is. Angad says no. Coordinator says craftsman should be some place close by, they will begin the offering first, and keeps the base award as 2 lakhs. The two of them bid and take it to 50 lakhs. Seerat requests that Angad stop his offering. Kalra inquires as to whether Angad surrendered with such ease. Angad gives unlimited free pass to coordinator and requests that she fill 1 lakh more with however much Mr Kalra offers. Kalra says he surrendered and painting has a place with Angad. Angad says he needs to meet the craftsman now.

Sahiba returns. Coordinator illuminates her that her canvas is offered and a workmanship fan got it with an unlimited free pass. Sahiba asks who is that. Coordinator says it’s Brar Gem dealer’s Angad Singh Brar. Sahiba lashes out and inquires as to whether he is still here. Coordinator inquires as to why she flew off the handle hearing Angad’s name. Sahiba stomps out from that point. Seerat lets Angad know that he shouldn’t have offered so high for the composition of an obscure craftsman. Angad says that workmanship is greater than a craftsman. Sahiba strolls to him and says his inner self is a lot greater for him. Angad is stunned to see Sahiba there. Seerat asks Sahiba for what good reason is she addressing Angad like this. Sahiba says she is the craftsman of that canvas. Seerat expresses out of entire presentation, Angad preferred Sahiba’s painting.

Sahiba won’t offer her artwork to Angad. Seerat lets Angad know that they ought to leave now. Angad says pause and asks Sahiba for what valid reason she would rather not offer her composition to him. Sahiba says when he can’t esteem her, he can’t esteem her canvas. Seerat says she can’t make trouble with Angad. Sahiba says it’s her painting and Angad is getting it, so for what reason is she meddling between them. Angad says he loved the artistic creation and needs to get it, he didn’t have the foggiest idea about it’s her painting. Sahiba says cash isn’t everything throughout everyday life; unwaveringness and dignity matters, however a couple/Seerat run behind cash. Angad says she can’t scrutinize his unwaveringness. Sahiba leaves. Angad strolls behind her and holds her.

Sahiba liberates herself and inquires as to whether he needs to show the world that he is too great that he purchased his better half’s painting. Angad says he will pay something else for the artistic creation. Rumi thinks how dare Angad contacted Sahiba, he will kill Angad. Sahiba requests what kind from installment. Angad says for gazing at her work of art for 15 minutes and preferring it, she is remaining in an inn and may require cash. Sahiba says she thought he really respected her craft, however he can never show signs of change.

Precap: Sahiba gets a bundle. Sahiba finds Angad’s watch and blood-smudged shirt in it with a note that he removed Angad from her life and presently she has a place with him. Sahiba runs on street stressed for Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what is she doing here. Sahiba says Angad’s life is in harm’s way. Rumi requests that she get into his jeep, he will help her. She gets in. He smiles.