Pandya Store written update 29 July 2021Dhara’s new room get ready

At the beginning of the episode, after the construction material gets destroyed by Anita, Suman sold her bangles to get the money to purchase construction material again because she didn’t want the construction work to get stopped. Later all Pandya brothers again started construction work for Dhara’s room. Raavi has doubts on Anita because she was walking abnormally. Suman sold her bangles so that Dhara get her new room and she will get pregnant soon.

Rishita, Raavi, and Dhara supported the Pandya brothers in their construction work. On the other hand, Raavi want to make everything perfect in between her and Shiva, but Shiva didn’t want to come close to her. Anita was crying and shouting in front of Prafula. Anita said even she destroyed the construction material but then also the construction is going on. Later Shiva was painting the walls of new room, Raavi comes to Shiva and started painting the walls. Raavi fall over Shiva, he was going out from room but Raavi stopped him, and said they will stay close.

Later room’s construction gets completed. Dev and everyone decided to give a surprise to Dhara and Gautam. Rishita asked Raavi to take Dhara with her out of the house so that they will able to plan a surprise for Dhara. Later Raavi kept a gift on the bed for Shiva. Shiva arrived at room and asked who kept this? Raavi said she didn’t know and asked to check by himself. Shiva opened the gift and find a black shirt. Shiva said Raavi buy this shirt just because he can’t able to buy good shirts and asked her to not to think about him.

The next day Raavi asked Dhara to go to market for some urgent work. Shiva asked Dhara to go with her. Dhara denied going out, but Raavi started her drama. Dhara and Raavi sits in an auto-rickshaw and went to market. Suman started shouting for not getting tea, but everyone was sleeping. Suman asked Rishita to prepare tea for her and also asked her to take shower before entering into the kitchen. Suman observed that Raavi and Dhara is out of the house that’s why everyone is sleeping till now. Rishita put garlic in tea just to make “masala chai”. Raavi took Dhara to Hardik’s room, Dhara wanted to go back to Pandya’s residence but Raavi forced her. When Dhara and Raavi reached at Hardik’s home, Hardik opened the doors but he feels embarrassed.

Upcoming Story: Suman asks Rishita to prepare breakfast for everyone. Rishita starts crying because if Suman will not like the breakfast then she will punish her.