Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 October: Kairav ​​feels insulted

At the beginning of the episode, Manish starts Ramlila. After a while, Krishna and Krish arrive on stage. Krishna’s hair is exposed during the act. All the guests present there to start laughing. The crown of the dynasty also comes and falls. Due to which everyone starts laughing at the guests. Seeing this, Kairav refuses to go on stage. Kartik and Naira inspire Kairava to go on stage. and tells him to enjoy his act and don’t care about win or loss.

Kairav stands silently on the stage. Kartik approaches him and asks him to say the dialog. After a while, Kairav ​​falls on the ground during the act, causing the guests to laugh at Kairav. Kartik Goes and handles him and asks to return. Seeing tears in Naira’s eyes, Kartik asks for their reasons. Naira says that she gets emotional every time she sees Ramleela. Samarth taunted Gayu regarding Vansh’s health.

Kairav complains to Krishna that she did not add a smoothie to her on the stage, but Krishna tells her that all things went well, and all the guests were laughing and leave from there. Kairav gets a little angry over it. Again Kiarav forgets his dialogues, Kartik inspires him from behind, and Kairav speaks back to his dialogues. Kartik and Niara feel happy. On the stage, Kairav was recalling Krishna’s adoption and getting upset, and he also stood silent for a few minutes.

Ramlila ends, and all the audience applauds. Naira praises Krishna’s acting. Kairav gets angry after hearing that Kairav tells Vansh that he does not like Krishna at all. After a while, Kairav saw Krishna playing with Akshara. Kairav tells Kartik that she has not washed her hands and touching Akshara, listening to this, Dadi takes Akshara from Krishna and keeps her back in the swing. Krishna gets sad. Alekh came and told Kartik that, he is being called by a member of the school committee, and he goes away. Kairav was very unhappy with Krishna. Seeing Krishna apart from Akshara. he feels happy from inside.

Episode end

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