Anupama 14 October 2021 written update – Devika encouraged Anuj

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama asked Nandini not to worry about anything and stays with her all the time. Anupama decided to talk about Rohan to Vanraj but he got the order in the cafe that’s why he was busy. Anupama arrived at Anuj’s office. Anuj and Gopi Kaka wear a crown and pretended like they are kings. Gopi Kaka asked Anuj to welcome Anupama. Gopi Kaka describe his office as his empire and called queen to Anupama. Anuj said people stop imagining in their old age but Gopi Kaka is still dreaming and imagining. Gopi Kaka said people stop imagining and dream that’s why they grow old.

Anupama enjoys their conversation and recognized her sons’ childhood by this activity of Gopi Kaka and Anuj. Anupama said she is blessed because her father always stays with her and asked Gopi Kaka to let them work. Gopi Kaka gives blessings to Anupama and leaves from there. Anupama and Anuj went to the cabin. On the other hand, Baa’s friends were discussing a cooking competition organized by Anuj and Anupama. Baa’s friends were thinking that how Anupama knew Anuj? Anuj and Anupama finished their work. Anuj decided to drop Anupama and Nandini, but Anupama said she will go to home by auto-rickshaw.

Anupama was going to sit in Anuj’s car suddenly Vanraj and Pakhi arrived there to pick her. Anupama gets happy after watching Pakhi and then she sits in Vanraj’s car. Anuj gets angry with Vanraj because he wanted to drop Anupama. Vanraj and Anupama leave from there. Anuj said he need to let Anupama stay with Vanraj. Devika shouted at Anuj and said Vanraj is a bad person, he will definitely create problems for her soon. Anuj said if this Kavya or Vanraj creates problems for Anupama then he will not stay quiet. Devika said Vanraj is married but Anupama is single that’s why Anuj can express his love towards Anupama.

Devika read Anuj’s poetry in front of him and encouraged him to go close to Anupama. Devika said Anupama’s life is incomplete without a husband and asked him to make her happy. Baa gets happy after watching Anupama in Vanraj’s car. Vanraj went inside the house. Samar arrived at the home. Anupama said we need to inform about Rohan Vanraj. Samar said we can’t inform anything to Vanraj now. Anupama said Vanraj is Samar’s father and that’s why he needs to know about his son’s problems.

Upcoming Story: Anupama encourages women to prepare good food and win the competition to get the job. Pakhi and Kinjal also encourage women. Suddenly Anupama sees something and she gets sad.

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