Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14 October 2021 written update – Siddharth plan to escape

At the beginning of the episode, Anant sees Radhika where Radhika gets Shocked to see Siddharth same looks like Anant where Anant thinks that she is the one who betrayed everyone. Radhika checks Anant and said that he looks the same as Anant. Gehna hides and thinks that no one should recognize her where Sagar asks Kanak to check Gehna that she is there or not. Kanak checks Gehna and told him that she is not here. Sagar doubts laila where Pankaj asks Kanak that what she is doing here where Kanak said that she is talking to her friend where Pankaj asks her to show her phone. Kanak distracts him and said that Gehna is not in the home and looks on.

Radhika sees laila and asks her to do some dance with her. Gehna sees Radhika and said that Radhika betrayed her. Radhika and Gehna start dancing where Sagar sees Gehna’s Mangalsutra where he thinks to expose her. Sagar comes in Between the dance and exposes Gehna. Everyone gets Shocked. The professor said that what she is doing here. The lights go off where Gehna runs from there. Everyone is trying to catch Gehna where Anant comes to save Gehna and said that why she comes here. Anant asks Gehna to come with him where Gehna said that she forgets her Mangalsutra where she says that she wants her Mangalsutra back. Anant asks her to wait here so that he can bring it back.

Kanak comes to Hema and gives her food. Kanak tries to manipulate Hema and asks her to leave everything behind where Hema looks on.

The professor asks Everyone that they are careless that how Dr. Siddharth runs from here. He shouts at everyone where Radhika asks him not to worry where Sagar says that he has her Mangalsutra and said that she will not go anywhere. Sagar said that he will definitely catch Gehna today.

Tiya comes to Krishna and gets emotional that Everyone blames her for Anant’s work and starts Crying. Tiya Apologize to Krishna where Krishna asks her to calm down. Tiya looks on.

Everyone is searching for Gehna and Anant where Sagar asks them to catch them. Anant runs from there and saves Gehna where Anant said that she is looking good in this dress and said that why she didn’t wear it every day. Gehna starts crying and said that she is crying inside where she said that doesn’t know how to handle everyone and how she meet with her family and said that she hates herself and feels bad for herself.

Upcoming story: Everyone catches them where Anant asks Gehna to run away from there where someone stabs Anant from the back. Anant gets Shocked.

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