Anupama 26 November 2021 written update – Toshu and Kinjal ignored Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama celebrated Bhai-dooj with Bhavesh. On the other hand, Baa did arrangements for the celebration of Bhai dooj. Kavya shows concern towards Baa’s health. Baa asked Kavya not to disturb anyone. Kavya want to call Dolly for the Bhai-Dooj’s celebration. Vanraj said Baa will handle everything. Everyone was sad, suddenly Pakhi arrived there and started singing songs for her brothers. Dolly didn’t arrived at Shah residence that’s why Pakhi completed all the rituals of Bhai-Dooj. Kavya was thinking the ways to make everyone happy because for Vanraj family is the first priority.

On the other hand, Anupama made a chocolate for Anuj. Vanraj meets Baa when no one was there. Vanraj said Kavya insulted everyone and she will do that again, but just to focus on the carrier he will not interfere in family fights. Vanraj asked Baa not to taunt Kavya because she is not Anupama. Baa said why he didn’t want anyone to fight with Kavya. Vanraj said earlier Anupama used to handle everything that’s why he was doing his job excellently, but after Kavya’s presence he was not able to focus on his job and carrier.

Baa said she will try not to fight with Kavya and also try to handle everything smartly so that Vanraj will not get affected by anything. Kavya saw Vanraj and Baa together and started thinking that what they were talking about? Baa also informed Baapuji that Vanraj want to become a successful person and that’s why we should handle fights. Baapuji said he is happy that Vanraj want to become successful and said he didn’t interfere in anything. Baa said Vanraj is thinking about him only. Baapuji said he should only think about himself because no one cares for those who thinks about everyone.

On the other hand, Anupama arrived at Anuj’s office with chocolate for him. Anuj gets happy after eating the chocolate and shows gratitude towards Anupama. Anupama found her magnet in Anuj’s office. Toshu asked Kinjal to stay in Pant house with him, so that he could get his job back. Kinjal said Toshu rely on Pant house and Rakhi’s job. Toshu said he don’t want to live in Shah residence. Kinjal said she can’t leaves Shah residence for Toshu because he has insulted his mother in front of everyone. Kavya interfere in Toshu and Kinjal’s fight, but they both ignored her.

Upcoming Story: Anupama and Anuj meets in the cafe. Anupama informs Devika that she want to do something for Anuj.

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