Anupamma 24 May 2021 Written Update -Vanraj grows jealous

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Baa said if Nandini can’t be mother, then Samar will not marry with Nandini at all and said Anupama had done wrong. Dolly said Anupama is not at all wrong in this incident. Baa and Dolly started fighting. Dolly said Anupama bhabhi can’t be wrong. Kavya asked Dolly not to say bhabhi to Anupama. Baa asked everyone to pack their luggage and leave the resort as soon as possible and said Samar is their for Anupama and will take care of her. Kavya agreed to Baa’s decision.

Anupama went to the washroom and started crying for whatever happened and said why this happened with her son? Samar put a ring in Nandini’s hand. Nandini becomes happy and asked from where he got the ring? Samar said he buy it from the gift shop at the resort. Nandini said from tomorrow Anupama’s online classes will be opening, which will give happiness to Anupama.

The next morning Anupama completed her dance session. Guru ji saw Anupama and give a proposal to her that, if she will also teach dance to his patients then she will get a discount in her medication. Anupama said she can’t do this, suddenly Samar and Nandini arrived and asked her to accept the Guru ji’s proposal. Anupama accepted the proposal. Nandini come to her room and started packing her luggage. Kavya asked Nandini where she is going? Nandini said she can’t leave Anupama alone and that’s why she is shifting to Anupama’s room. Kavya gets angry and started shouting at Nandini. Nandini come to Anupama’s room.

Anupama said she knows that Kavya is angry from Nandini’s decision for shifting in Anupama’s room. Anupama asked Samar and Nandini to stay happy always and not to get panic all the time. Anupama informed Samar that they need some more students in her online classes because she needs more money for her medication. Kavya informed Vanraj that she will go to take a divorce tomorrow and soon they will marry. Vanraj started shouting at Kavya and said he can’t think about his marriage with her now. Kavya asked Vanraj to take a job as soon as possible and said Anupama is happy with Dr. Advait and started dance classes for her daily expenses and said Dr. Advait is supporting her a lot. Vanraj gets angry jealous after listening about Dr. Advait and Anupama and said she can’t handle her expenses by just a dance class. On the other hand, Anupama, Samar, and Nandini decide to print the pamphlets for dance classes for advertisement purpose.

Episode end.

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