Anupamma 25 May 2021 Written Update -Anupama ruins Vanraj’s interview

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj and Anupama started fighting. Vanraj told Anupama that she can’t handle her expenses by running a small coaching class and can’t live without him. Anupama said she knows how to handle everything. Vanraj said she don’t even take some time and taken the help of Dr. Advait to run coaching classes. Anupama get shocked and shouted at Vanraj and said Dr. Advait is just her good friend and nothing else. Anupama said she will no more accept Vanraj’s fake allegations and said she knows how to stay happy in life and also asked Vanraj to smile and leaves from there.

Kavya informed Anupama that she is going to take divorce tomorrow and shows gratitude for taking divorce from Vanraj. Anupama said she is happy that Kavya shows her love towards Vanraj and wants to marry Vanraj. Kavya said when she will become Mrs. Shah, then also she will not refuse Anupama to get inside Shah’s residence. Anupama said she don’t want to go inside the Shah residence. Kavya said she will marry to Vanraj in the resort and also invite Anupama as a special friend. Anupama said she is not her special friend and will surely attend the marriage.

Baa said to Dolly that soon Kavya will marry Vanraj and asked Vanraj that does he really want to marry mede ki katori (Kavya)? Vanraj said he is having an important interview and asked everyone not to disturb him. Guru ji informed Anupama that they need to do surgery soon. Suddenly Samar and Nandini arrived and asked Anupama to shoot a promotional video. Vanraj is giving an interview and suddenly Anupama started shooting her video, which disturbs Vanraj’ s interview. The interviewer asked Vanraj to give interview after some time.

Vanraj got angry and suddenly stopped Anupama. Vanraj started shouting at Anupama for ruining his interview. Anupama apologized and said if Vanraj will inform her about the interview and all then she will not disturb her again. Vanraj said if Anupama will not stop dancing, then he will throw her ghunghru. Anupama gets angry and shouted at Vanraj for talking about her ghunghrus. The next day Vanraj and Kavya go to court for Kavya’s divorce. Anupama comes to meet Shah’s family and informed everyone that she is having cancer. Everyone gets emotional. Anupama said due to Samar and Nandini’s engagement she didn’t inform to anybody about this cancer. Suddenly Vanraj arrived and shows his and Kavya’s marriage invitation to Anupama. Anupama leaves from there. Vanraj saw Anupama’s reports and get shocked.

Episode end.

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