Barrister babu 2 December 2020 written update : Anirudh punish Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Mini tells Anirudh that on that day Bondita had saved Anirudh but now who will save him. She says that soon Anirudh will become her slave because these girls will not be able to study so much. Anirudh closed the door and says the whole day was spoiled by her.

Mini says she will spoil all the 7 days like this. Anirudh tells the girls that the class ends today. Mini taunts Anirudh and says what happened, the class is over. She says that her team learns everything and the girls are still on the fifth page. She says those girls are playing turtle tricks. Bondita says that she will not let Mini succeed in her plan. She will not allow her husband to be a slave.

Further, Bondita learns Mughal’s names. Trilochan and Binoy arrive. Trilochan asks what is Bondita doing. Bondita says she is remembering the names of Mughals. She says that the boys have memorized the entire book. Binoy says then she should also remember it. And till the time she is studying, she should not do household work. Trilochan says but studies in the kitchen so that she can pay attention to the things in the kitchen.

Further, along with studies, Bondita also does kitchen work. Seeing this, Binoy and Trilochan are happy. Binoy says Bondita is a good daughter-in-law. Trilochan agrees. Further, Anirudh wants to teach Bondita at night. Trilochan disagrees. Bondita convinces Trilochan. Then she and Anirudh come to Heera mandi girls. Anirudh arranges the setup for the study. Ilaichi does not want to read, so she breaks the bulb. Anirudh asks Bondita who did this.

Bondita says nothing. Anirudh punishes her. He asks her to rub two woods. Later there is a fire coming from the woods. Anirudh teaches them this is how we can put fire without machis. There, a boy tells them about it. Mini is shocked to know that Anirudh is trying hard to make the girl win this competition so he gives them knowledge at night. But she will not let Anirudh win this compilation.

Later, Bondita asks Anirudh if he is angry with her. Anirudh says yes he is because Bondita knows who breaks the blub but she still chooses to be silent. Bondita says she did it because Anirudh is the one who taught her that we need to work with unity. But when she is following the path that he showed her then why he is getting angry. Anirudh feels guilty and apologizes to Bondita.

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