Choti Sarrdaarni 2 December 2020 Written Update – Meher challanged Kulwant

At the beginning of the episode, Meher said she would not move until Amrita opens the coaching center. Kulwant says she will see how much patience Meher has to sit here. Amrita tried to convince Meher that she will think of another option. Param asked Yuvi about studies, and Yuvi said he doesn’t like books and you keep on saying about these books. Yuvi said he just found of eating and sleeping. Meher said she would face Kulwant.

Kulwant asked Param about his relationship with Meher and advise him to behave like her as she is doing. Meher advised Param not to pay attention to her. But Param says he will do the same when Meher will not allow him to order food. Meher said she will not let her win this time as she will surely open the coaching center. Kulwant taunted her to concentrate on her personal issues or else she will lose Karan too.

Harleen gets some letters. She opens it and goes to Sarab to talk to him but changes her mind seeing him busy with his meeting. She calls Aditi and says she got some blood report, but she can’t talk to Sarab now because he is busy, so she is coming to her house to talk to her. Vikram thinks he knows why Harleen is coming here to talk to Aditi. He thinks today Harleen will convince Aditi to accept Karan to save Sarab’s image.

Sarab horrifies seeing Meher’s history on the news channel. Meher gets surprised when she watched that news. Patak tells Sarab to not fear because it’s not live it’s just a clip from pen drive. He says DNA report dripped already, and they can understand what will happen if everyone gets to know about this. He says Sarab throw him out of the party, but still, he cares about him that’s why he didn’t reveal anything to the news channel.

Meher says for DNA test blood sample is needed. And they go to check Karan’s hand and recalls how that day Karan cried. She tries to call Vikram but Sarab stops her saying first they have to find out who deceived them from this house, and that person only would have taken Karan’s blood sample. They check CCTV footage and get to understand that Robbie is after this. Sarab says he always overlooks Robbie for his blunders, but this time he made sin, and he won’t leave him. Robbie shakes seeing so much cash.

Sarab was about to hit him, but Meher holds him. He says if he needed money then he should have asked him, but he did obverse by using Karan and throws him outside of the house. Robbie tells him to reminisce about Harleen and Khushi. Sarab says they don’t need a personality like him.

Episode ends.

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