Barrister Babu 3 November 2021 written update – Batuk provokes Trilochan against Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita asks Malika if she knew Batuk is here. She says that she doesn’t know anything and is searching for Batuk herself. Trilochan advises Bondita not to get worried in such a situation and take rest. He leaves from there. While Batuk tells Bondita to take care of herself and the child. Later Batuk sees Anirudh and gets happy. Anirudh tells him that he will not be able to hide his truth from Bondita.

Batuk says that he doesn’t need to hide the truth anymore as he has come. He is about to hug Anirudh but can’t since it is only Anirudh’s shadow. Batuk gets sad as Anirudh has moved away from him. He says but he will hug Anirudh’s child. He adds that he will take away the child from Bondita. He then goes to Trilochan and tells that Bondita was a stone which Anirudh made a diamond.

He calls her selfish. But Trilochan does not agree with him. He says that Bondita is a good girl and it was she who saved Anirudh when his life was in danger. Batuk says that she only wanted to show everyone that she can also do something like men, so she did it. He says that she only thinks of herself. Trilochan denies this. He says that Bondita has done a lot for this family.

But Batuk tells Trilochan that Bondita should not leave the house until the child is born. Trilochan understands his point. After this, when Bondita is about to go out, Trilochan stops her and tells that Bondita will stay in the house. She cannot leave the house until her child is born. And if she tries to go out, he will end all his relations with her.

Batuk hears this and gets happy. Next he gives food to Bondita. Bondita wants to talk to him about something but he does not listen to her. Bondita thinks that maybe he is angry with her so she tries to talk to him to convince him but Batuk does not listen to her. Bondita wonders why Anirudh is so angry with her. She remembers her childhood. And she tries to convince Anirudh in the same way as she used to do it when she was young. But even this fails.

Bondita gets disappointed. She goes to the temple and says that she can sit in the house for Anirudh but it was Anirudh’s who had taken a promise from her that she would never give up advocacy. She is confused as to what she should do. Here Anirudh regains consciousness after a long time. He remembers Bondita. A man is with Anirudh. He is happy that Anirudh has regained consciousness.

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