Barrister Babu written update 25 July 2021 weekly

This week we saw that Trilochan scolds Anirudh for kicking Vyjayanthi out of the house. Anirudh says that the girl has not come here to study but has come to make a spectacle. He believes that she will not even know the table of two yet. Bondita starts singing table of two. Sampoorna wants to take her inside the house but Bondita refuses as she wants Anirudh to apologize to her. For which Anirudh is not ready. Bondita faints.

She is about to fall but Sampoorna manages her. Anirudh finds this drama too. There Somnath enslaves the detective of Krishna Nagar and Chandrachur comes to know about this. He tells Thakuma that now his man will be able to keep an eye on Tulsipur and then when he starts getting him out of there, he gets all the news of Tuslipur. Tupur comes there and sits near Chandrachur’s feet.

Ahead Chandrchur’s mother announces that she will get Chandrachur’s second marriage done. Bondita decides that she will support him as Chandrachur does not want to break the marriage. Chandrachur thinks that he will soon make Bondita his wife. Later Bondita comes to Anirudh and notifies him that she is his Bondita. Anirudh is shocked. Bondita holds his hand. Anirudh realizes that she is his Bondita.

Bondita asks him to confess that he has Bondita in his heart. Anirudh denies this and asserts that there is no relation between them. Bondita says that she knows that truth as she saw all those letters. He adds that he did not use any such word in the letter as well. Bondita says but those incomplete words meant that he loves her. But all this happens to be Bondita’s dream. Bondita decides that she will know what is in Anirudh’s mind as Vyjayanthi.

Later, Roy’s celebrates Saswati’s birthday. They play games and Bondita is happy as her team wins. Sampoorna suggests that they should eat food now. Everyone goes inside to eat. While Bondita stops Anirudh and wants to know from him why he didn’t throw the ball at her, she questions if he starts treating her as his friend? Anirudh denies and adds that something went in his eye so he could not throw the ball. Sampoorna tells Trilochan that Anirudh had stopped smiling. But since Vyjayanthi has come, he has started living heartily.

Further, the children tie Bondita and Anirudh with a rope. Bondita and Anirudh try to free themselves. Just then, Anirudh notices the wound on Bondita’s back that Bondita had suffered when the sword rang. He starts asking her who she is. Sampoorna comes there and handles the matter saying that the wound on her back was caused by a knife. She advises him not to consider everyone as his enemy. There Chandrachur’s detective tries to escape from Tulsipur to tell him the truth about Bondita.

Here Anirudh gets angry seeing the rasgulla and is about to throw them. But Bondita stops him. She makes him understand that sweetness is also necessary for his life. She fills his mouth with Rasgulla. Anirudh gets emotional after eating it. Then like this Bondita makes him do all those things he stops doing. On the other hand, Chandrchur asks Tupur to convince Bondita to marry him.

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