Barrister Babu written update 19 July 2021 Bondita has a fever of love

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan scolds Anirudh for kicking Vyjayanthi out of the house. Anirudh says that the girl has not come here to study but has come to make a spectacle. He believes that she will not even know the table of two yet. Bondita starts singing table of two. Sampoorna wants to take her inside the house but Bondita refuses as she wants Anirudh to apologize to her. For which Anirudh is not ready.

Bondita faints. She is about to fall but Sampoorna manages her. Anirudh finds this drama too. There Somnath enslaves the detective of Krishna Nagar and Chandrachur comes to know about this. He tells Thakuma that now his man will be able to keep an eye on Tulsipur and then when he starts getting him out of there, he gets all the news of Tuslipur. Tupur comes there and sits near Chandrachur’s feet.

Chandrachur pretends in front of Thakuma that he cares for Tupur a lot and does not like her sitting near his feet. Thakuma believes that Tupur should do this. Just then Bondita arrives and Thakuma learns that she has a fever. Bondita wants Thakuma to give her her magic medicine. However, Bondita is convinced that she has a fever of love. Tapur also suspects that Bondita has fallen in love with someone.

Bondita is called by her friend to console her because according to him, Bondita is still unhappy. But Bondita informs him that Anirudh is in love with her. There Sampoorna asks Anirudh why he scolds Vaijayanti so much. Anirudh tells her that he gets angry with her because he has refreshed his entire old memory. Sampoorna believes that when he has forgotten the old things, then all these things should not matter to him.

In the night Bondita is unable to sleep and calls Anirudh so that she can hear his voice. Anirudh picks up the phone and Bondita gets lost hearing his voice. Anirudh thinks that Bondita has called him so he takes her name. Bondita hangs up the phone. She smiles.

Anirudh regrets that he has severed his relationship with Bondita. The next morning Thakuma tells Bondita to take a rest. Anirudh learns that it was very hot yesterday due to which many people fell ill. He regrets that he mistook Vyjayanthi’s illness as a drama. While Binoy runs away from home. He is about to meet an accident but Bondita saves him. Binoy gets angry with her. Anirudh comes to Binoy and tries to pacify him.

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