Barrister Babu written update 28 July 2021 Anirudh refuses to marry Vaijayanthi

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tells Vyjayanthi not to see herself through the eyes of others, only then she will come to know that she is beautiful from the outside and beautiful from inside too. He adds that no one can dislike her. Vyjayanthi asks him if he too can’t refuse her. Anirudh looks at her with surprised eyes. Bondita turns things around. Then she writes a letter in which she has described some of her conditions before marriage.

Anirudh remembers Bondita. There Chandrachur learns that Bondita has not come to court for the last two weeks. Chandrachur asks his men to find out where Bondita is going. Here Anirudh gets shocked seeing Vyjayanthi’s makeup. He asks her why she has done this. She tells that she is going to meet the boy so she has done makeup. Anirudh informs her that she is looking fake so she need not do all this.

Bondita is happy to see that Anirudh still believes in simplicity. Here Thakuma tells Tupur to take care of Chandrachur as the fencing competition is about to come. Tupur asks her to get Bondita married to Chandrachur. But Thakuma knows that Bondita will refuse it. Tupur asks her to find some solution. Here Anirudh receives a letter from Vaijayanti and learns that his family members are going to get him married to Vaijayanti.

Thakuma convinces Tupur to tell Bondita that she wants to die only when Bondita gets emotional and agrees to marry Chandrachur. Tupur is ready to do so. Here Anirudh comes to meet Vyjayanthi. He denies this marriage. She wants to know why he is refusing when his family members have agreed to this relationship. Anirudh adds but the consent of the boy and the girl is also needed.

Vyjayanthi informs that she is ready for this marriage. She adds that she knows that he likes her because he ate rasgulla and played the piano at her behest. Also, he didn’t laugh but laughed yesterday too and his uncle says that only she can make him laugh. She asks him if he is ready to marry her. Bondita expects him to refuse this marriage. She questions him rapidly Anirudh is not saying anything.

Anirudh refuses to marry. Bondita gets happy but she wants to know about something else so she tries to provoke Anirudh. She asks him why Anirudh does not want to marry her. She inquires is there anyone in her heart. He is about to say yes but stops. Vyjayanthi suggests him to put his hand on his heart and find out who is in his heart. Anirudh sees Bondita. Vyjayanthi gives him one day time to answer and leaves from there.

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