Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 11 March 2022 written update: Chikoo helps Nivan

At the beginning of the episode, Chikoo and everyone celebrates Aarav’s winning the competition. Nivan makes fun of them where her friends asks him to give his money. Aarav notices Nivan where he gives his money to him but Nivan said that this is nothing and asks him that he needs ten lakh rupees. Chikoo knows everything and looks on.

Sameer talks to watch owner and asks him to tell him about the watch owners name. Sameer says he will fund him where he gets ready to help him. Chikoo comes to Sameer and said that Nivan is in mess where she asks him to give ten lakh rupees. Sameer said that she become mature now.

Chikoo comes to Nivan and gives him ten lakh rupees and asks him to solve his problem where Nivan says that how did she know about this. Chikoo said that she listens them. Chikoo asks him to solve his problem. Nivan says that why she is helping him. Chikoo leaves from there and takes promise that he will not do this again. Nivan stops Chikoo and said that she is Chikoo who lived here. Kamini comes there and asks about her where Nivan takes her away. Nivan says that she thinks that he will think become her slave where Chikoo says that she doesn’t need anything. Nivan says that she got her house then why She come here. Chikoo asks him that he cares about her otherwise he will not lie to his mother. Nivan looks on.

Sameer told Pushpa that this watch belongs to Milind Joshi where Pushpa looks on. Chikoo is dancing Where Dhanush send his dance video to Chikoo where Chikoo gets Shocked to see him in video. Chikoo starts crying and doesn’t reply him where Dhanush keeps messaging her. Dhanush gets Worried that why she is not replying.
Nivan thinks that Chikoo gave him shock today and now the light. Nivan asks electrician to do it Faster where Nivan comes to Kamini and said that light will not go. Kamini praises her where Nivan goes to sleeping but the light again goes. Kamini sees Nupur there where she gets Shocked and shouts. Everyone comes there and asks her what happened where Aarav asks her to come with him and he will drop her.
Dhanush’s mother asks Mini about the gifts where Dhanush is waiting for Chikoo’s reply. Dhanush’s mother notices him. Dhanush messaged Chikoo where Chikoo thinks to tell everything to Dhanush.

Upcoming Story: Mini’s friend told her about some online friend of Dhanush where she decided to do something. Chikoo and Everyone is in the canteen where Chikoo’s dance played in the canteen. Chikoo gets Shocked.