Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 12 March 2022 written update: Dhanush learns Chikoo’s truth

At the beginning of the episode, Chikoo thinks that if she told her truth to Dhanush then he will not respect her. Dhanush’s Mother asks him about his Dance competition where he said that it is Good. Dhanush’s Mother asks him that after winning the dance competition where she will join her company. Mini gets happy where Dhanush’s brother asks her about the shopping but Mini said that she will not answer him and leaves from there.

Dhanush is busy in phone Where Mini’s friend asks her to check Dhanush phone. Mini comes to Dhanush and throws water on her where Mini takws his phone and checks it. She comes to know that the one who is Dhanush is chatting is Chikoo and gets surprised. Mini thinks to reveal her.

Puhspa asks Chikoo that Everything id going right where Chikoo told Sameer about Aarav and said that he is Aarav Joshi. Chikoo is leaving where she gets message from the principal assistant to send dance video. Chikoo records the video and send the video to them. Mini said that she faked this message where Mini says that she will reveal her.

Chikoo takes the guitar where Dhanush taunt her. Chikoo says that he Shouldn’t make friends if he doesn’t trust anyone. Aarav asks to Nivan that from where he brings so much money where Chikoo leaves from there where Nivan asks Chikoo not to fool Aarav. Nivan says that he is looking at her.

Chikoo is in canteen where they played video of her where she gets Shocked to see her. Dhanush gets Shocked and said that she is Chikoo. Everyone makes fun of Chikoo where Dhanush gets emotional and said that Why didn’t he say anything when she know him. Dhanush said that she never accept him as friend. Nivan takes Chikoo’s side and asks them to stop.

Chikoo is leaving where she gets collapsed with two girls but they makes fun of her. The girls support Chikoo and Said that she should trust herself and siad that she is doing right.

Dhanush told his brother that Chikoo cheated on him where his brother makes him understand that Everyone hide herself in social media. He makes him understand that Chikoo is same and she didn’t give cheat on him. Dhanush looks on.

Upcoming story: Nivan asks Chikoo not to back out from the competition where Chikoo said that she can’t do this. The principal told them that of Chikoo doesn’t come here in fifteen minutes then she will declare Dhanush as Winner.