Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 14 March 2022 written update: Sameer learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Dhanush’s brother asks him that Chikoo comes to know about him last night and after that, she is not replying where Dhanush said that he is confused. Dhanush’s brother said that she is afraid of showing her face to the world because of bad comments and asks her to be friends with her. He said that he has a real connection with her but he is ignoring her because of the scholarship. Dhanush’s mother comes to them where she taunts his brother where he leaves from there. Dhanush’smother said that Chikoo looks innocent and she will snatch his scholarship whereas Mini said that she is right and said that Chikoo is clever.

Chikoo comes Home and starts Crying where Sameer asks her that she should focus on her, not on bullying. Sameer says that he is With her and he will support her. Chikoo leaves from there.

Mini asks Dhanush Why didn’t he told about his fake id. Dhanush said hai he needs friends and she is busy with her own work. They start fighting with each other where Mini said that she exposed Chikoo where Dhanush remembers how Everyone bullies Chikoo. Dhanush said that how could she do this with her. Mini said that his mother asks him to do anything to win the scholarship but she does this then why he is getting angry at her. Dhanush said that she is disgusting and left from there. Dhanush’s brother comes there and asks Mini that she should do shopping. Mini leaves from there.
Sameer said to Pushpa that Chikoo will come out of this fear and he will help her. Sameer said that he is using Kamini’s weakness and he will make sure that she will confess her crime. Sameer sends someone to scare Kamini. Kamini gets scared to see Nupur where She shouts and said that she saw Nupur but everyone calms her down.

Chikoo thinks that she needs a friend like him where Dhanush also remembers her and said that he never wanted to lose her. Chikoo messages her friend that she is back out from the Dance competition. Aarav said that Chikoo is back out from the competition where Nivan looks on.

Kamini meets Sameer where she tries to know about Chikoo. Sameer talks about Nupur but Kamini leaves from there. Kamini is scared when a woman comes to him and said that she is in mess and now everything is against her. Kamini gets scared and asks her to check everything in her house. She goes to Kamini’s room and takes the watch where Sameer said that he knew it.
Nivan calls Chikoo to come and said that he is leaving his bad habits and asks her to promise that she is not stepping back from competition. Chikoo said that how did he know this where Nivan said that he is With Aarav at that time. Chikoo said that Everyone makes fun of her whereas Nivan said that Everyone is a fool like him and she Shouldn’t listen to them. Chikoo leaves from there.

Upcoming story: Dhanush told Chikoo that he will not do any cheating with her and said that they should Dance With honesty. Chikoo is Missing were the principal announced that if Chikoo doesn’t come in fifteen-minute then she will declare results.