Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15 March 2022 written update: Dhanush encourage Chikoo

At the beginning of the episode y Dhanush recalls Mini’s words and gets tensed while boxing. He recalls his brothers words. He comes to meet Chikoo and Apologize to her. He said that she should show them that She isl good at Dance. He promised her that he will not cheat her in this round and play with honesty. Dhanush says that She has to give him chance so that he can proud on himself. Chikoo says that its not easy to do this. She says that she tried everything but no one saw her talent and mocked her everytime. She says that she doesn’t have right to breath even because she is fat. Chikoo says that he gets his answer and asks him to leave. Dhanush told her a story and said that she should focus on herself and motivates her. Chikoo says that she can’t do anything. Dhanush asks her to see herself from his eyes. He motivates her and said that she dances from her soul and she is best at it. Chikoo thanks to him. Dhanush said that he doesn’t care whether he won or loose but he wants to competite with her. Chikoo tries to say something but Dhanush says that he is waiting for her.

Dhanush’s mother asks Mini to complete her work because she is busy. Mini said that today is dhanush’s last practice. Dhanush’s mother asks her to do work here. Dhanush’s brother records Mini’s shopping and says that she gets trapped here. Dhanush is doing practice where Aarav tries to call Chikoo. Everyone said to Nivan that he is taking Chikoo’s side. Nivan said that he doesn’t take anyone’s side. Mini comes there where she said that Dhanush will win. Dhanush asks to Chikoo’s friend where she is.

Sameer comes as pest controller to Joshi house and said that he will do everything. Sameer comes to Kamini’s room and play the Nupur’s voice where Kamini gets Shocked and runs from there.
The principal asks about Chikoo Where Chikoo comes there and Apologize for being late. Everyone mocked her for trapping Dhanush. Everyone makes fun of Chikoo where She is leaving but Dhanush stops her.

Kamini sees blood there and shouts where Savitri said that why she is behaving like this. She comes outside and sees her car and gets Shocked that someone knows her truth.

Dhanush asks Chikoo if she can’t stand for herself then Everyone will make fun of her but if shr stand for herself then no one will say anything. Chikoo gives answer to Everyone and stands there proudly. Dhanush gets happy.

Upcoming story: Chikoo and Dhanush become friends where his mother said that he is not right for her empire. Dhanush gets Angry and said that he doesn’t want to become like what she wants.