Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 16 March 2022 written update: Chikoo reunites With Aarav and Nivan

At the beginning of the episode, Chikoo scolds everyone and said that Mini is so selfless and she knows how to create problems for her. She said that they are fake where Mini leaves from there. Nivan asks Chikoo if she did well where Chikoo tells Nivan that Aarav also needs his support. Nivan leaves from there. Mini records Everything and sends it to Dhanush’s Mother.

Everyone praises Chikoo. Dhanush’s Mother comes to him and said that he supports Chikoo and said that he will definitely lose this competition. She scolds him for losing everything and said that she has to find her new owner.

Aarav brings soup to Kamini and said that he made for her but Kamini scolds him when Nivan comes there and asks Kamini why she misbehaved with Aarav when he brings her favorite soup. He takes his side and asks her to apologize to Aarav. She Apologize to Aarav and leaves from there where Mini gets surprised. Aarav comes to Nivan and said that how he split where Nivan told Aarav that Chikoo did this. He told him that Chikoo is their childhood Chikoo. She is back. Mini comes to know about this where she says that Chikoo is snatching everything from her.

Chikoo videos call to Dhanush and say that why he is upset where Dhanush says that how did she know. He said that he needs a friend like him where Chikoo said that she also needs a friend like him and thanks to him for supporting her.

Chikoo is happy where Sameer comes to her and cheers her for winning the scholarship. Gajak brings kheer for Chikoo Where Sameer says that she is Winner for him. Chikoo gets happy.

Mini told Dhanush’s Mother about her meetings where Dhanush comes to her and asks for blessings but she ignores her. Dhanush’s brother told him that he should take blessings from his father. He motivates him and said that he has to follow him.

Chikoo comes to the college where Aarav gives coconut laddo to her where she said the he knows everything. They get Happy where Nivan comes to them and said that he is also her brother and says that she will make a team without him. They hug each other and feeds each other. Mini says that Chikoo wants to snatch Everything from her.
Kamini is scared when she misbehaves with Savitri. Sameer calls her and said that he knows everything and Said that he has proof against her. Kamini gets tensed.

Upcoming story: Chikoo is dancing where Mini says that she will dance when the song plays. Mini turns off the music. Chikoo looks on.