Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei written update 13 March 2022 weekly

last week, we saw that Chikoo and Dhanush try to win the competition where Dhanush gets injured but Chikoo lifts him and wins the competition. The principal gives a medal to them and said that they do teamwork then they win. They get happy and ask them to stay in camp for today. Sameer and Dhanush’s mother come there where she congratulates Chikoo. Dhanush’s mother taunts her for not doing anything. Dhanush’s mother asks him to come and check his bags. Sameer also takes Chikoo from there. Chikoo and Dhanush come together at camp where they make fun of Chikoo. Chikoo remembers Sameer’s words where she says that she will fight for herself. Dhanush comes to them and shouts at them that how could he think about a girl like this. No girls and boys are less to each other. They plan to harm them tonight. Mini tries to call Chief Minister where Kamini comes into her room and says that this room will get empty soon Where Kamini talks to her friend where Mini gets an idea. She calls the chief minister’s office and talks like Ritu and fixes meeting with them. Mini gets happy.

Chikoo is scared wheel Dhanush said that they lose that’s why they are doing this where Dhanush asks her to trust him. Chikoo and Dhanush get stuck between them where Chikoo asks them not to fight where Dhanush asks her to calm down. Aarav told Nivan that someone is trying to attack them where Nivan said that he knows someone there. Chikoo and Dhanush fight with them where the people come there where he warns them. He asked them not to do anything otherwise they will get punished. Nivan told them that Everything is fine now. Mini and Nivan come to take Chikoo and Dhanush where Mini gets jealous but Chikoo explains Everything. Dhanush comes to his brother and told everything to him and said that Chikoo is nice and she listens to everything without judgment. Dhanush thinks to message Chikoo. On the other hand, Chikoo says about Dhanush to her friends. Chikoo messaged Dhanush and asks him to come to the canteen for a party.

Mini thinks to destroy Chikoo’s plan. Nivan gives money to someone and asks him to make it double. He said how did he bring this. Nivan asks him to make it double as soon as possible. Dhanush comes to the canteen where everyone praises Chikoo. Mini asks him that Chikoo is selfish and she can do anything. Dhanush said that Chikoo is not like this. Chikoo comes there where Everyone goes to Chikoo and praises her. Dhanush gets angry and said that she is selfish. Dhanush is looking at the star and remembers Chikoo. Dhanush messaged Chikoo on social media where they shares feeling with each other. Dhanush said that she is also sad. She said that this is always happening with her. Dhanush and Chikoo are upset. Chikoo starts dancing where Dhanush watches the video. He gets emotional. The principal asks them that they did great now only one can win this competition. The principal asks them to do a dance round so that they can announce the Winner. Dhanush said that he is ready where Chikoo said that she can’t dance. Chikoo remembers everyone’s hate and gets tense.

Dhanush sees Chikoo seeing the video of her. Dhanush takes the side where Chikoo tries to explain. Dhanush asks her to respect her art and leaves from there where Chikoo says her friends that she can’t dance and asks Aarav to focus on her competition. Aarav said that he has to go to Joshi’s house to bring utensils for the competition. Chikoo says that she will take him to the Joshi house. Chikoo brings Aarav to the house. Chikoo remembers Nupur and sees everywhere and feels nostalgic. Aarav said what happened to her. Chikoo says that she is thirsty when they hear some sound. They go inside the room and see that someone is trying to beat Nivan and asks for money. Chikoo asks him not to do anything where Chikoo asks Nivan what he is doing and asks them not to interfere. Chikoo asks Aarav if he knows everything then why didn’t tell her before. Aarav said that Nivan will handle himself. Dhanush messaged Chikoo and asks him to teach him dance but Chikoo teach him live. Dhanush asks her to dance in front of everyone Where Everyone makes fun of her.

Sameer comes to Chikoo where Chikoo told Sameer that the Dance competition is going to be held for the scholarship and she is participating in the competition. She says that she will Dance in front of Everyone. Sameer gets happy. Nivan makes fun of them and her friends ask him to give his money. Chikoo comes to Nivan and gives him ten lakh rupees and asks him to solve his problem where Nivan says how did she know about this. Chikoo said that she listens to them. Chikoo asks him to solve his problem. Nivan says that is why she is helping him. Chikoo leaves from there and takes promises that he will not do this again. Nivan stops Chikoo and said that she is Chikoo who lived here. Sameer told Pushpa that this watch belongs to Milind Joshi where Pushpa looks on. Chikoo is dancing Where Dhanush sends his dance video to Chikoo where Chikoo gets Shocked to see him in the video. Chikoo starts crying and doesn’t reply to him whereas Dhanush keeps messaging her. Dhanush gets Worried that why she is not replying.

Chikoo thinks that if she told her truth to Dhanush then he will not respect her. Dhanush is busy on the phone Where Mini’s friend asks her to check Dhanush’s phone. Mini comes to Dhanush and throws water on her where Mini takes his phone and checks it. She comes to know that the one who is Dhanush is chatting is Chikoo and gets surprised. Mini thinks to reveal her. Chikoo takes the guitar where Dhanush taunts her. Chikoo says that he Shouldn’t make friends if he doesn’t trust anyone. Chikoo is in the canteen where they played the video of her where she gets Shocked to see her. Dhanush gets Shocked and said that she is Chikoo. Everyone makes fun of Chikoo where Dhanush gets emotional and said that Why didn’t he say anything when she knows him. Dhanush said that she never accept him as a friend. Nivan takes Chikoo’s side and asks them to stop. Dhanush told his brother that Chikoo cheated on him where his brother makes him understand that Everyone hide on social media. He makes him understand that Chikoo is the same and she didn’t give cheat on him. Dhanush looks on.