Ishk Par Zor Nahi written update 5 August 2021 Riya cheated Ishqi

At the beginning of the episode, Ishqi and Aahan resolve the issue between them by spending some time together in the hotel’s room. When they both reached home, Dadi said they need to bring Riya home just to save the family’s respect. Ishqi went to meet Riya and asked her to reveal the truth of Dadi in front of everyone. Riya refused Ishqi and said Aahan will not believe her. Ishqi said everyone will believe her and she gave evidence to Riya.

Ishqi gives the CC camera’s clips to Riya in which it is clearly visible that someone has kidnapped Ishqi. Riya asked how she gets this evidences? Ishqi said she always has doubts about Dadi and that’s why she gets this. Ishqi informed Riya that Dadi is too selfish and she only wants to control Aahan. Ishqi asked Riya to help her just for Aahan’s betterment and her children’s betterment. Later Aahan went to Savitri’s villa to meet her, Suraj informed Aahan that she went to the hospital.

Aahan called the doctor. The doctor informed Aahan that Savitri arrived at the hospital with Sonu. Later Ishqi arrived at Savitri’s villa and found Sonu there. Sonu asked Ishqi not to inform about this to Dadi and Aahan. Sonu leaves from there. Ishqi told Savitri that they need to tell everything to Aahan. On the other hand, Sonu informed Aahan that she went to meet Savitri and said she didn’t hate Savitri. Aahan said he also gets emotional for Savitri and feels pain for her. Sonu asked Aahan to talk to Savitri because she wants to know that why Savitri left them?

On the other hand, Ishqi informed Savitri that they will expose Dadi in front of Aahan. Later Kartik asked Ishqi that they should do a maternity test of Riya, just to check whether Riya is pregnant due to Aahan or not. Ishqi said Riya can’t do this because she is a well-mannered girl. Kartik leaves from there. Aahan arrived at home. Ishqi tried to talk to Aahan about Savitri, but suddenly Riya arrived at Malhotra’s residence. Riya informed Aahan that she arrived here to show something. Riya plays a video clip on television in which Ishqi was talking to Savitri in her marriage outfit. Dadi started her drama and blamed Ishqi for everything. Dadi insulted Ishqi and said Ishqi helped Savitri. Sonu said Ishqi will have a valid reason that’s why she helped Savitri. Sonu said Savitri is not wrong and that’s why Ishqi supported Savitri. Riya said what Ishqi has done is wrong. Sonu asked everyone to listen Ishqi, but Dadi stopped Sonu.

Upcoming Story: Ishqi asks Dadi to tell truth to everyone. Dadi gets angry and tries to hit Ishqi, but Aahan comes in front of Dadi. Aahan asks Dadi not to think of hitting Ishqi. Suddenly Savitri arrives at Malhotra’s residence.