Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 1 September 2021 written update – Sonakshi sees Dev with Sanjana.

At the beginning of the episode, Sonakshi asks Bijoy about the news report he is keeping in the folder. Bijoy tells her that they have kept a pain-guest in Sonakshi’s room and he says he doesn’t trust him. Sonakshi tells him that she is leaving as she is going to shop for the kids. Mamiji and Ishwari find about the marriage counselor Dev and Sonakshi are meeting.

Dev offers Sanjana the job. When Dev goes to drop Sanjana. Sonakshi sees them together from her car and is worried. Sonakshi wonders who the girl is as Dev doesn’t easily get comfortable with people. Dev and Sanjana high-five each other on the winning shot of the match.

Sonakshi in her room sees the envelope with the task assigned to him by the therapist and reads it. She tells herself that Dev exactly followed the instructions. Dev comes to the room. Sonakshi asks him if he was with a girl today. Dev first pranks her, he says she finally found about the girl. Sonakshi gets upset.

He laughs and tells her that he went there because the new employee in his office was in the same way to the house. He tells Sonakshi that she looks cute when she is jealous. Sonakshi tells him that she is not jealous. He says that it is nice to see that Sonakshi still gets jealous when Dev speaks to someone else. Dev hugs Sonakshi.

Golu is playing a video games in Soha and Ayush’s room. Soha and Ayush put a toy chimpanzee behind the window and scare Golu. Golu tells Soha that she has changed sides and he won’t speak to her again ever. Mamiji tells Ishwari that Sonakshi is trying to prove Dev is mentally disturbed so that she can take a huge sum of alimony which she couldn’t when she left the home before.

The next morning Sonakshi takes blessing from Ishwari and asks for three prasad’s as she would also give the children. When Sonakshi returns back to the room Dev recites a poem for her and asks her how was the poem Sonakshi tells him that they have the therapist appointment today and she would tell him there how she likes the poem.

At the office, Dev gives Sanjana the appointment letter and welcomes her to the office. Sanjana tells Dev that she has some ideas for the ongoing projects and if he allows her she could show him the floor plan. Dev forwards his laptop which has a screensaver of his family photo. Sanjana drops her phone and doesn’t see the photo.

Upcoming- Sonakshi at the therapist’s office tells Dev that she is very upset with him because he was not present when Asha died. Sonakshi tells him that she needed him when she stood there outside the hospital. Ishwari and Mamiji arrive at the same therapist’s office.