Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 written update 12 September 2021 weekly

A audience favourite Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi has returned with a third season. With new twist and griping love story of Sonakshi and Dev.

In this week’s episode we saw, Dev in his office is speaking to himself that he cannot sit calmly until Sonakshi forgives him. Elina tells Sonakshi to trust Dev as he would make everything right, he’ll take time but he loves her very much. Dev asks her why girls are so complicated to understand. Sanjana says to herself if he wants to understand her or Miss.Rabbit. Sanjana tells Dev that he needs to speak from his heart and he needs to show he cares. Dev thanks her and rushes out of the office. She receives a call from Vicky. Vicky tells her that Dev had an accident and he is sending the location to her. Dev shows Sonakshi a board of a school dedicated to Asha. Dev tells Sonakshi that he is sorry that he was not able to be around her when Asha left. Dev tells her that he misses her very much and he feels the guilt. Sonakshi hugs him and then thanks him for expressing himself. Dev tells Sonakshi that he loves her.

Sonakshi tells Dev that she has got a text from the therapist’s office for appointment. She then asks him to sit as she will apply oil on his head. Dev refuses, she says to Dev that Ishwari was joking. They get into a pillow fight, the kids join them as well. Dev gets a call from Sanjana, requesting him to see the presentation made by her. Dev tells Sonakshi that today kids will sleep with them and he will finish his work soon. Sanjana’s friend asks her why she is not yet asleep. Sanjana tells her that she is waiting for Dev’s message as she has lied to him about the urgency of her presentation. She tells her that she wants to be on Dev’s mind like he is on her’s. She says she wants to be in love with Dev.

Sonakshi tells Jatin to handle office for a day as she wants to stay at home and cook meals for the family. She tells him she also wants to spend some time with Dev and drop kids to school. Sanjana asks Dev if she can also eat with him, he lets her join him for lunch. He gets a call and invites a jeweller into his office and asks Sanjana’s help to choose a promise bracelet. He is choosing jewellery with Sanjana’s help. She thinks it is for her, Dev says how will it look on his wife? Sanjana remains shocked hearing this.

Sonakshi stands near the window waiting for Dev. Dev hugs her from behind and puts the promise band in her hand. She asks him what it is. Dev tells her that it’s a promise band a new trend. He promises to Sonakshi that he would never make burnt paratha and not search for love quotes on the internet. Sonakshi asks him to promise him to look after himself. He asks Sonakshi to promise him that she’ll always tell him whatever is on her mind, good or bad. At a tea stall, Sanjana tells her friend that Dev is married. She tells Sanjana to back off now as she knows he is married. Sanjana tells her that the first time she heard he was married she felt the same way, but her heart is not ready to give up. She says she thinks that maybe Dev is in a relationship where he is trying to give his all and not receiving support in return from his partner.

The therapist tells Dev and Sonakshi that they are now in the exam phase and they need to focus on excelling in communicating with each other, as they have fallen apart in the past. Dev and Sonakshi agree with her. The therapist asks Dev if Ishwari is okay as she came to meet her to know if they are okay. Dev tells her that he’ll speak to Ishwari. Sonakshi answers Dev’s phone and asks who is calling. Sanjana asks if her husband hasn’t saved her number in his phone. Sonakshi tells her that she could have texted instead. Sanjana’s friend comes and sits next to her on the sofa and asks her if she slept the night. Sanjana tells her that she was doing her research work on Dev and now she has officially gotten PhD on the subject she knows everything about him. Her friend tells Sanjana that she hopes that Sanjana knows that Dev is a married man. Sanjana says that she is well aware of it and she knows that she has fallen in love with a married man.

Will Sanjana spoil Dev and Sonakshi relationship?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Kuch raang pyar ke aise bhi”.

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