Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 10 September 2021 written update – Sanjana speaks on a call with Sonakshi.

At the beginning of the episode, the therapist tells Dev and Sonakshi that they are now in the exam phase and they need to focus on excelling in communicating with each other, as they have fallen apart in the past. Dev and Sonakshi agree with her. The therapist asks Dev if Ishwari is okay as she came to meet her to know if they are okay. Dev tells her that he’ll speak to Ishwari.

Dev comes to Ishwari’s room and asks her what she is doing. She tells him she is learning a new recipe for him. Dev asks her to not take any trouble as she has a leg pain issue. Ishwari asks him if he is happy. Dev tells her that he is very happy with Sonakshi currently and he also tells her that they are going to a therapist to solve their problems and improve their communication skills. Ishwari says to Dev that she is happy that he was still sharing with her his life problems and happiness and requests him to never change.

Inspector comes to Vicky and Elena’s house and tells them that they have got the stalker and they have found 500 photos of her on his computer and he has been doing this for a long and trying to extort girls with the pictures. The inspector returns the house keys and tells her that the stalker confessed that he stole the keys from Elena and has been in their house. After the inspector leaves Elena hugs Vicky and promises him to delete accounts from social media. Vicky tells her that she doesn’t need to stop her life up to some useless stalker. Vicky and Elena hug.

Elena calls Sonakshi and thanks to her for suggesting to speak to the commissioner as the problem has been solved. Sonakshi checks Dev’s tiffin to see if he has finished it and sees the leftovers of some other meals that she hasn’t cooked.

Sonakshi answers Dev’s phone and asks who is calling. Sanjana asks if her husband hasn’t saved her number on his phone. Sonakshi asks her who she is. Sanjana apologizes and tells Sonakshi that she works with Dev and called to tell him that they have a meeting early in the morning. Sonakshi tells her that she could have texted instead. Sanjana praises Sonakshi for her cooking skills and tells to send extra tofu next time.

Next morning when Dev was getting ready he pulled out a bright shirt. Sonakshi asks him that he never wears a bright shirt, he tells her that she has always told him to wear bright colors so he is going to try them. Sonakshi tells herself that she should be happy with the changes that he is trying to bring in himself but she is getting worried because she doesn’t like what her gut is telling her.

Sanjana’s friend comes and sits next to her on the sofa and asks her if she slept the night. Sanjana tells her that she was doing her research work on Dev and now she has officially gotten Ph.D. on the subject she knows everything about him. Her friend tells Sanjana that she hopes that Sanjana knows that Dev is a married man. Sanjana says that she is well aware of it and she knows that she has fallen in love with a married man.

Upcoming- Sonakshi comes to Dev’s office and she is on her way to his cabin. Sanjana stops her and questions her if she has an appointment to meet Dev. Sonakshi tells her that she doesn’t require and never will an appointment to meet Dev as she is, Mrs. Sonakshi Dev Dixit.