Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 9 September 2021 written update – Sanjana wants to be part of Dev’s life.

At the beginning of the episode, Sonakshi stands near the window waiting for Dev. Dev hugs her from behind and puts the promising band in her hand. She asks him what it is. Dev tells her that it’s a promising band a new trend. He promises Sonakshi that he would never make burnt paratha and not search for love quotes on the internet. Sonakshi asks him to promise him to look after himself. He asks Sonakshi to promise him that she’ll always tell him whatever is on her mind, good or bad.

At a tea stall, Sanjana tells her friend that Dev is married. She tells Sanjana to back off now as she knows he is married. Sanjana tells her that the first time she heard he was married she felt the same way, but her heart is not ready to give up. She says she thinks that maybe Dev is in a relationship where he is trying to give his all and not receiving support in return from his partner.

Dev and Sonakshi spend romantic moments on the rainy night, Dev and Sonakshi dance together. Sanjana also enjoys rainy nights.

Elina comes to meet Sonakshi and gives her an evil eye protector. Vicky calls her and asks to return back home at the earliest. Elina reaches home, Vicky shows her a picture that came to him, of Elina hugging some other man. Elina tells him it’s morphed. Elina calls Sonakshi and tells her the situation, she suggests calling the commissioner and make a complaint.

Dev’s manager brings a map and the booklet of the school. Sanjana asks him who Asha is. He tells her that Asha is Dev’s mother-in-law. He also praises Dev’s helpful nature and commitment towards his employees. Sanjana asks him who takes care of Dev. He tells her Sonakshi, he says that Sonakshi is the most supportive wife.

Dev and Sonakshi meet the therapist and tell her that they are in a good place and want to discontinue. The therapist says that they still need to work on trusting each other. While Sanjana in Dev’s office says to herself that he might have a supportive wife but he needs an unconditional support system which could be her

Upcoming- Sonakshi checks Dev’s tiffin if he has finished it, she says this is not what she cooked. Sonakshi answers Dev’s phone and asks who is calling. Sanjana says hasn’t her husband saved her number on his phone.