Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 8 September 2021 written update – Sanjana find out Dev is already married.

At the beginning of the episode, In the morning Sonakshi thanks Jatin for suggesting her to go for couple’s therapy. She tells him that she and Dev are in a good place in their relationship now. Jatin asks her to arrive at the office early as the clients are waiting for her. Sonakshi tells Jatin to handle the office for a day as she wants to stay at home and cook meals for the family. She tells him she also wants to spend some time with Dev and drop kids at school.

Dev arrives at the dining table. Sonakshi serves him green tea and healthy cookies. Ishwari asks Sonakshi to not serve so dull food early morning and brings Dev tea and “mathri”. Sonakshi tells her that it’s very unhealthy. Ishwari tells her but it’s also tasty. Sonakshi says that they should let Dev decide what he wants to eat. Dev says he’ll have both. Dev then asks Sonakshi when she going to the office, she tells him she is staying back and also cooking meals. Ishwari is worried about her kitchen.

Mamiji asks Vicky when will he get something made for her. Vicky says that Asha died so something got made in her name.

Dev helps Sanjana bring files to the office. Dev tells her that he thinks that he is beginning to believe in serendipity, as she joined his company and gave him good advice of creating a memory for the girl. Dev gives her a rose, and thanks to her. She calls her friend and tells her that Dev also has feelings for her. Her friend asks Sanjana if Dev said her so, she says Dev would never express his feelings.

Sonakshi sends Dev lunch, she calls him and tells him that he should finish the whole lunch as it is good for his health. Everyone at home also enjoys Sonakshi’s cooked meals.

Sanjana asks Dev if she can also eat with him, he lets her join him for lunch. He gets a call and invites a jeweler into his office and asks Sanjana’s help to choose a promise bracelet. He is choosing jewelry with Sanjana’s help. She thinks it is for her, Dev says how will it look on his wife? Sanjana remains shocked hearing this.

Upcoming- Dev and Sonakshi spend romantic moments on the rainy night, while Dev thinks of giving her the bracelet. Dev and Sonakshi dance together.