Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 2 September 2021 written update – Sonakshi pours her heart out.

In the beginning of the episode, Sanjana debriefs Dev about her ideas. Dev stops her midway. She requests Dev to let her complete, but Dev tells her he had more important place to be at. Dev tells her that he’ll look into the plan later and appreciates her for being attentive and accepting to work in his office.

Ishwari tells Mamaji that Sonakshi is taking Dev to a mental therapist. She says that Dev isn’t able to speak with her about Sonakshi and she thinks that Sonakshi will be the one who’ll complaint and Dev would become the bad guy Infront of a stranger. When Mamiji interferes to take Ishwari’s side.

Mamaji tells Mamiji to use her head and not speak. Mamaji tells Ishwari that she should not interfere between Dev and Sonakshi as they are clever enough to handle their situation. Mamaji says that nowadays couples go to marriage counseling as it’s easy for them to speak Infront of a stranger and resolve their issues.

Sonakshi at therapist office tells Dev that she is very upset with him because he was not present when Asha died. Sonakshi tells him that she needed him when she stood there outside the hospital. Sonakshi feels guilty, therapist’s tells her it’s better that she is pouring her feelings.

Dev tells Sonakshi that he didn’t think Sonakshi felt that way during that period. Sonakshi leaves the office. In her office she sees a video of Dev and Asha cooking together. She gets emotional. Dev sends her a voicemail saying her to meet him at their favourite cafe.

Dev tells Vicky that now he’ll make sure that he makes Sonakshi realise that for him her parents are important.Ishwari and Mamiji arrive at the same therapist’s office. the therapist explains her job to her and requests her to be patient as both Dev and Sonakshi are opening up.

Dev leaves his office to reach the cafe. Sonakshi already reaches the cafe and orders coffee. Sanjana calls Dev and informs him that her car got toyed and the police won’t let her leave until she shows paper.

Upcoming- Dev tries to call Sonakshi but she doesn’t see the call as the waiter takes away her phone. Dev goes to the police station to get Sanjana out.