Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 3 September 2021 written update – Dev helps Sanjana to get bail from the police station.

At the beginning of the episode, Dev tries to call Sonakshi but she doesn’t see the call as the waiter takes away her phone. Dev goes to the police station to get Sanjana out. Dev asks the lawyer to give the car papers to the inspector and tells him that Sanjana is new in the city. The police tell Dev that they can’t take a fine from him as he has done so much charity work. Sanjana gets impressed by him.

Sonakshi looks for her phone, the waiter apologizes and brings her phone. She checks her phone and sees that she had numerous missed calls from Dev. Dev thinks of calling her but his phone gets switched off. Dev arrives at the café but Sonakshi has already left.

Ayush patches up between Soha and Golu. They play together. Dev returns home. Ishwari stops him at the gate and asks him why he got late. Dev tells her to take his meal out. Ishwari says to herself that she wants to help Dev but he is not willing to share with her his problem.

Sonakshi sits on the sofa worried. Dev comes into the room and apologizes to her for not reaching the cafe on time. Sonakshi tells him he doesn’t need to give him excuses as she is aware of what he would say, that he got busy with work. Dev’s phone rings as Sanjana texts him. Sonakshi checks the message.

Sonakshi asks him that the new employee was more important for him than meeting her. Dev tries to make her understand that Sanjana is new in the city and was about to get jailed. Sonakshi tells him she doesn’t want to continue the conversation with him and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Dev tells Sonakshi that he won’t join her in their yoga session as he has an early meeting. Sonakshi thinks to herself that Dev is unaffected by her trauma. Sanjana with her friend while doing meditation keeps thinking of Dev and her encounters. Her friend asks her what she is thinking.

Sanjana says she can’t stop thinking about Dev as he is stuck in her mind. Her friend asks Sanjana to stop crushing on him as he is trying to resolve his problems in his relationship and during this time a third person shouldn’t eye at him. Sanjana says she won’t try on Dev.

Dev goes to the therapist and asks her to help him to mend things with Sonakshi. The therapist tells Dev that he knows Sonakshi better than anyone and he needs to find a way himself to convince Sonakshi that he is there for her.

Upcoming- Sonakshi is in her office. She receives a call from Vicky. Vicky tells her that Dev had an accident and he is sending the location to her. On reaching the location Sonakshi is shocked to see Dev.