Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 6 September 2021 written update – Dev and Sonakshi patch up.

In the beginning of the episode, Dev in his office is speaking to himself that he cannot sit calmly until Sonakshi forgives him. Elina tells Sonakshi to trust Dev as he would make everything right, he’ll take time but he loves her very much. Dev thinks of writing something but then scraps the paper and throws it. Sanjana catches the paper, Dev apologies to her.

Sanjana brings Dev a gift and gives him. She tells him that she wants to thank him for going out of his way to get her out of jail. Dev tells her that it was his responsibility. She tells him that she will feel better if he accepts the gift. Sanjana says to him that she feels like today is going to be a good day for them. Dev stares at her, she explains her statement and tells him that they would make great affordable housing together.

Dev asks her why girls are so complicated to understand. Sanjana says to herself if he wants to understand her or Miss. Rabbit. Sanjana tells Dev that he needs to speak from his heart and he needs to show he cares. Dev thanks her and rushes out of the office.

Sonakshi is in her office. She receives a call from Vicky. Vicky tells her that Dev had an accident and he is sending the location to her. On reaching the location Sonakshi is shocked to see Dev. She says to Dev that it wasn’t a good joke. Dev stops her from going and tells her that he wants to show her something.

Dev shows Sonakshi a board of a school dedicated to Asha. Dev tells Sonakshi that he is sorry that he was not able to be around her when Asha left. Dev tells her that he misses her very much and he feels the guilt. Sonakshi hugs him and then thanks him for expressing himself. Dev tells Sonakshi that he loves her.

Dev and Sonakshi return back home. Bijoy thanks Dev for what he did for Sonakshi and for dedicating a school in Asha’s name. Ishwari feels a little jealous. Mamiji instigates Ishwari by saying that Sonakshi is slowly controlling and taking over the house.

Upcoming- Dev asks Ishwari if he did the right thing by naming the school after Asha. Ishwari says she trusts him and he would do the right thing.